A New Running Route For My New Apartment!

In February, the building that my apartment is in was sold. We were notified that our lease would not be renewed. This was very disappointing since my location is prime and rent is cheap.

While it wasn’t the nicest apartment, it was large in size and had a cute little outdoor patio that I thought would be great for videos. I quickly realized the muted blue cement blocked and boring brick didn’t come off as great and the novelty of the apartment wore off. Quickly, I fell in love shooting my videos along the Charles River. Perfectly segmented with bridges, I could run around the river in increments of 3, 5 and 7 miles depending on my workout. Despite rising costs and small spaces, I knew my new apartment had to be close to the river.

After searching for literally 4 months, a new apartment lease was signed a mile from my existing location. While I don’t move in until September 1st, I’ve already figured out the distance to my gym and extra mileage I’ll need to tack on to my regular routes. Inspired by the Toyota RAV4 Adventure Club contest, I decided to seek out an entirely new running route to explore the city I love, but rarely explore. You can find my route here.

I’ve heard about the Back Bay Fens area from my marathon friends which they said is beautiful. Local running store South End Athletic Company also hosts workouts that go there to use a manicured track. The last few times I’ve moved, I’ve just increased or decreased my mileage to keep my beloved routes. I’m not one to like change but I can’t believe I have not run this route before!

Not only is it gorgeous, but I’ve put off track workouts for the past 2 years because I didn’t think I had one near me. I found a perfect route for my morning booty call workouts that is 4.34 miles. I’m so happy I took the opportunity to find a new route that has many small path options that will make my running route exciting again. When I travel, I love to get lost running in new cities. It’s the best way to discover hidden gems.

Spark a mini-adventure of your own by joining the Toyota RAV4 Adventure Club and creating a new route through MapMyFITNESS. Be sure to share your route as the member with the most votes will win $500!

Toyota motivated me to break out from the norm and discover a new route in my city. This experience taught me that there is an adventure waiting around every corner! Tell us about your unexpected adventure below for a chance to win a Tom Tom GO LIVE.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of the Toyota. The opinions and text are all mine. Sweepstakes Rules.


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