A Sarah “not” Fit Thanksgiving?

This year, I headed up to Portland, Maine for Thanksgiving with Roomie and his family. After teaching at 9am, taking Derek’s class at Barry’s at 10:15 and then teaching at noon, we drove up in the middle of the snow storm to Vacationland. It looked more like Christmas than Thanksgiving when we arrived!

Maine Snow Peaks Island

Despite the snow, we were determined not to let the weather ruin our plans. We went to dinner at Central Provisions which was outstanding! I highly recommend the spicy beef salad, seared sheep’s cheese and Brussels sprouts.

Seared Sheep’s Cheese

We luckily didn’t have to wait to sit down, but that was likely the weather’s fault. The menu online is not exactly the same as in the restaurant because the items change seasonally. We also ordered a delicious cauliflower side, dry aged sirloin, squash salad and shrimp a la plancha. I would recommend all of them… but didn’t take any pictures as usual.

Afterwards, we hit up the local bar scene stopping into a few hot spots in Old Port before meeting up with friends at Dewey’s. After a glass of champagne, white wine, a few too many beers and an obligatory fireball shot, it was time to go home and that was when I decided to finally take a picture.

Elizabeth's Place

We stayed over at my friend Elizabeth’s house in Cape Elizabeth for the night. When I woke up, needless to say I was not in any mood to workout on Turkey day. We made it home around 10 am and I was excited for a nap after making an egg and cheese on an English Muffin with Brie.

The roads were wicked icy and going for a run felt miserable given my hangover, probability of dumping it and the freezing temperatures outside. It unfortunately was not a very “Sarah Fit” Thanksgiving. It was a day of napping and eating, as well as giving thanks to the roof over my head, family and friends for not judging me for my inappropriate hangover.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah

After enjoying a wonderful turkey dinner with stuffing, butternut squash, broccoli, and cranberry sauce I waited an hour before digging into what I was really looking forward to… The one food health professionals tell you to avoid on Thanksgiving, Pecan Pie!

Pecan Pie

How can you resist a homemade Pecan Pie? Living in New England, I only see them once a year and I decided that it was worth the splurge. I also had to try a smaller slice of the pumpkin pie – homemade too! We were spoiled.


I went to bed feeling happy and no longer hungover.

I was hoping to get in a workout on Friday but wasn’t able to without being a pain in the ass so instead I embraced the opportunity to have brunch at my favorite Portland spot, Bintliff‘s. I ordered the Veggie Eggs Benedict and was not disappointed.


After lunch, we drove back to Boston where officially the Christmas season began with my favorite carol sung by the queen of Christmas music, Mariah Carey. IMG_0085

I didn’t get to workout on Friday because we had an early holiday gathering to race to but Saturday morning I had my butt handed to me by Erin at Recycle Studio. I wanted a sweat sesh and that is exactly what I got.I enjoyed my 2 days off but was excited to get back in the saddle.


Tomorrow is supposed to be fairly nice out so I’m planning to go for a long run which may be my last nonchalant loop before getting back into training mode…

I still haven’t gotten confirmation and I haven’t given my official answer either, but there may be a Spring race that I will need to begin training for in the next few weeks.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you attempt to have a healthy one or like me, kinda just went with the flow and did the best you could despite having little control this year?

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