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During the month of November, I did not cook meat once. I didn’t blog publicly about it but dropped hints that Roomie and I were eating a vegetable based diet at home during the week. We did not follow these rules if we ate outside our home because it was near impossible.

Why did we do this?

I guess 7 years after dating a health obsessed girl, Roomie was intrigued and requested that we try it. He even ate a vegan/gluten free lunch every day Monday through Friday. He took weekends off and didn’t really follow his own rules if he had a work event but still, I was proud! I have been wanting to try eating more vegan meals but didn’t want to bother making two dinners at night. For our last November supper, I made one dish good enough to keep around even after we go back to eating meat, roasted vegetable tacos with fall produce!

IMG 1065

Roasted Fall Veggie Vegan Tacos

Serves 2, Time 35-45 minutes

A serving equals, 3 stuffed tacos


  • 1/2 Sweet Onion, chopped
  • 2 Sweet Potatoes, medium, skinned and chopped
  • 2 cups chopped mushrooms
  • 1 cup Kale, shredded
  • 1/2 cup black beans
  • 2 tbsp EVOO
  • 1 tbsp Mexican Fiesta or other taco spice blend
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 6 corn tortillas
  • Salsa Verde for topping

1) Preheat oven to 400F. I bought my sweet potatoes pre cut and added olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin and a salt free Mexican Fiesta spice blend from McCormick. I laid them out on a cookie sheet forming one single layer for about 25-35 minutes. Tossing half way through.

2) Heat large skillet on medium. Add in 1 tbsp olive oil and sliced onion. Roast slowly until they are wilted. Add in mushrooms and cover for 2-3 minutes. Remover top and let liquid evaporate. Add salt and pepper to taste.

3) Add kale and black beans to skillet, mix well. Once kale has wilted, turn heat off and set aside.

4) Add in roasted sweet potatoes once they have become crisp enough and mix together.

IMG 1029

5) Spoon 2 large tablespoons of mixture into corn tortilla. Top with green salsa verde and enjoy!

IMG 1063

IMG 1069

This was one of my favorite vegan creations. Simple and delicious. You can’t really screw this one up and if it doesn’t taste “good” to you, just add more salsa, salt or pepper. Also, make sure the sweet potatoes are done well!

I had a few successes in the kitchen as well making vegan/gluten free dinners like these lentil cakes. They do need some tweaking as they were falling apart. They tasted great though! I actually already forgot what I used to make them but they were simple and fast to make.

IMG 0997

To be honest, I’m glad I can eat some meat again. I love eating vegan meals but they take a lot more flavor and creativity to get them to taste good in my opinion. I already made Turkey Meatloafs for tonight.


IMG 1071

While eating a vegan diet, LÄRABARs, the Original Fruit and Nut Bar, were a favorite of Roomie’s for mid-day snacking. They feature a delicious, gluten-free blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices, with some flavors including coconut oil, chocolate chips or other simple ingredients. In total, no bar has more than 9 ingredients. I was surprised at first how much he liked the LARABARs but couldn’t blame him, they are delicious. My seasonal favorites include Gingerbread and Snickerdoodle.

Larabar Giveaway

In honor of my man’s efforts to try eating a vegan diet, I’m giving away a special gift bag from LARABAR. One winner will receive an assorted case of LARABARS, pair of ear phones, as well as a copy of No Meat Athlete: Run on Plants and Discover Your Fittest, Fastest, Happiest Self among other goodies! Roomie could have used Matt’s guide. He ate the same lunch every day from Boloco practically.

To enter, leave a comment sharing your favorite LARABAR flavor or your experience trying to eat a vegan diet (if you have and if you still are!?).

Roasted Vegetable Tacos Recipe & LARABAR Giveaway

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  • Patricia

    Peanut butter chocolate chip, all day erryday.

    I have tried to go vegan, but I am just so bad about vegetables in general. I am a CRAZY picky eater, plus a lazy cook, plus allergic to soy, so I just never made it more than a week before getting frustrated and returning to my carnivorous ways. Even though I really wish I could manage vegan…

  • Elissa

    I’ve been dying to try the snickerdoodle Larabar but can’t find it in store! The apple pie bar is always a favorite of mine.

  • Marie-Pier

    I don’t have a favorite Larabar, but they are a great way to eat on the go. I’m very curious of the vegan diet. I have been a vegetarian for many years, but cheese is so hard to give up!

  • Nicole @ Runs & WODs

    I love all Larabar flavors, I buy the variety box from Amazon but my favorite is pumpkin spice! Since it’s a seasonal flavor it’s hard to find so when I do, I stock up! I’ve never eating a full vegan diet but I was close for about four years. I’m no longer a vegetarian but I highly recommend anyone to try it!

  • Vangie

    My favorite favor is the Lemon ALT bar. So yummy! I’m still semi vegan. I’d say about 90% of the time, but still enjoy an omelet or greek yogurt here and there. It’s all about balance:)

  • Tori

    Peanut butter chocolate chip is my all time favorite. I eat vegan a lot of the times but I just couldn’t live without eggs! Weekends wouldn’t be the same without them

  • Stacey N.

    I’ve been wanting to try out the Snickerdoodle seasonal flavor! And I’ve started incorporating mostly vegan meals into my diet -- especially after reading the Engine 2 Diet.

  • Ashley B.

    I am crazy about the cherry pie Lara bars!! SO GOOD! I like to eat vegan during the day, with a light meal including small meat portions at night.

  • laura z

    I like the cherry pie flavor, but have been wanting to pick up some of the seasonal special flavors to try before they are gone.

  • Cathy

    I have a 16 year old daughter who is vegan because she loves animals, wants to eat healthier, and hopes to leave less of a carbon footprint! Cooking & baking vegan has been a fun & flavorful challenge! I appreciate the yummy vegan recipes you post…we have made several & I will be making these tacos very soon! We LOVE all the Larabar flavors but cherry pie, apple pie, and the lemon bar are topped ranked in our house!

  • Ariana

    I love the key lime pie and the chocolate chip cookie dough (of course)! I’m actually trying to eat vegetarian during the week now too!

  • HP

    I love Larabars! I’ve not seen the seasonal ones though will have to look around for them!

    My top favorite flavors are Coconut Cream Pie and Cashew Cookie! So yummy!

  • Michelle

    I love the Key Lime Pie Larabar, but am dying to try the Snickerdoodle and Gingerbread bars!

    I have never tried a vegan diet, but often eat vegetarian meals.

  • Annie

    I love the cashew cookie and pecan pie Larabar flavors! As a night shift RN, Larabars are my favorite snack because they are delicious and filling when I don’t have much time to sit down and eat something!

  • Cate

    I LOVE THE SNICKERDOODLE LARABAR!!! it’s something about the chewy, cinnamon flavour that makes it irresistible…..and it’s the perfect thing to satisfy a Cinnabon or cookie craving.

    I’m only a newbie-vegan, but I have found your website and Pinterest to be sources of cooking inspiration! For my birthday this year, my mum made a huge fruit cake, made completely out of fruit! A cut watermelon made the base, and she had fruit stars and grapes on skewers shooting out everywhere. It was the BEST cake I’ve ever had! I myself am a procrasta-baker, so my favourite thing to do is veganize recipes I find online 🙂 I especially love making my avocado brownies (little brother approved) and cocoa-nut energy bites.

  • Nancy Lili

    The peanut butter cookie one, I think it’s just peanuts and dates, love it. I allegedly bought a Vitamix to make my own Larabars, but I keep buying them anyway. So convenient.

  • tiffany

    I am a big fan of most of the larabar flavours to be honest! I have been vegetarian for 16+ years and vegan for ~5 years. I now follow a gluten free vegan diet after testing positive for celiac a few years ago and feel soo much better eating like this. I have no issues with energy, my autoimmune/Gi issues markedly improved, my eczema disapeared, my acne subsided, and my physical fitness level has dramatically increased overall. I’ll never go back!

  • Tracey C

    key lime pie Larabars are my favorite! Though I have yet to try snickerdoodle, I have a feeling that would take over as #1

  • Ashlee

    I LOVE the peanut buter chocolate chip larabar! I’m not vegen or vegetarian, but I will try different options or if a friend maks a vegan meal or dish, I’ll be open minded about it.

  • Agnes

    I’ve thought about going Vegan and Vegetarian for a day, 3 days, or a week. I still want to try it out soon 🙂 Karen Calabrese at Karen Raw in Chicago was my inspiration. She is 60+ years old and has been a Vegan for many years. She owns 3 Vegan restaurants in Chicago. Many celebrities like Beyonce come to her Vegan restaurants all the time to eat. Before moving out of Chicago recently, I used to attend her monthly health seminars where she talked about eating healthy and eating Vegan foods.

    As for LaraBars, I like the banana bread flavour. I’d love to win this giveaway.

  • Terri

    After having to cut gluten out of my diet, I just don’t think I could ever go vegan and have to give up meats (mostly chicken and fish) and eggs too! The chocolate chip peanut butter lara bar is my absolute favorite!

  • Maeghan

    The gingerbread and snicker doodle seasonal flavors are my favorite right now too…so good! I’ve been a vegan for about a year and a half and I absolutely love it! I have so much fun in the kitchen and love cooking healthy whole foods meals!

  • Amy

    My favorite LaraBar flavor is Coconut Creme Pie -- I have a stash in my cabinet at all times! I cannot get enough of them. I also, rarely cook meat at home (I just don’t like it, plus chicken scares me), but I don’t think I could ever eat completely vegan because I love cheese. Man, I love cheese.

  • Sara

    I love the Coconut Chocolate Chip! I like having LARABARS when I have a sweet tooth and need a little snack.
    I never eat beef or pork, but I eat chicken, turkey and fish, and I eat vegetarian a few days a week. I’ve never done a 100% vegan diet, but I’ve experimented with vegan recipes. My boyfriend and I love making tofu stir fry!

  • Heather

    Peanut butter and jelly and chocolate chip cherry torte are my favorites! The gingerbread sounds delicious but I haven’t seen the seasonal flavors around me this year 🙁

  • Taryn

    The PB&J Larabar actually tastes like a PB&J so… that’s my favorite one! 😀 I want to try the seasonal flavors, but haven’t found them in any of my local grocery stores.

  • Julie Trifone

    I actually have never tried Larabars, I’ve been stuck on Quest and Kind bars but I have been dying to try them for some time now! But I’m sure snickerdoodle will definitely be one of my favorites because anything snickerdoodle flavored is amazing!

  • Addie

    My roomie and I both love the chocolate chip cookie dough! Can’t get enough. I went vegan for a few months and really enjoyed learning how to incorporate more plants into my diet. I have since gone back to just being vegetarian, but I still enjoy a lot of the vegan meals!

  • Katie

    Hi Sarah!

    I was vegan for about a year in college (and have been vegetarian for much longer). I discovered LaraBars when I experimented with veganism. I really enjoyed the chocolate flavors because it allowed me a sweet, chocolate-y treat without a) straying from veganism and b) eating other vegan “sweets” that are loaded with chemicals and fake ingredients. They are still a go-to bar for me, especially when I’m trying to limit my refined sugar intake but still need some chocolate!


  • Sarah

    Chocolate chip cherry torte is my favorite! I used to buy them in bulk at Target and eat one for a snack everyday lol I’ve since toned down my obsession since discovering them 🙂

  • Leslie Barnhill

    I have been vegan for about 3 years now and I can’t imagine ever changing that. Larabars are a staple in my pantry as well as homemade ‘larabars’. Right now, since I just finished a Pumpkin Pie larabar, that would be my favorite, but I do love the peanut butter cookie flavor as well.

  • vanessa

    I have no problem going vegetarian but vegan definitely is harder for me! I love eggs and where I live milk substitutes aren’t available. I have never tried Lara bars and would love to!!

  • Jamie

    cashew cookie definitely!

    I have tried to go vegan but miss cheese! I like your compromise though and could see doing it for breakfast/lunch during the week.

  • Wren

    Peanut butter cookie is my favorite Larabar that I have tried. I would love to trial a vegan diet as I’m really not much of a fan of eating meat, however my husband has no interest in going meatless, and just like you said, cooking 2 meals is too much work for me. For now, I omit the meat when I can and probably about half of my meals are vegetarian. Vegan would be much harder for me, it is challenging for me to get in enough protein for my current strength-based fitness plan without using meat OR dairy!

  • Emily P

    a tie between key lime and lemon bar.. just bought a whole box of all the new seasonal flavors, can’t wait to try them!

  • Liz S.

    My favorite Larabar flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It’s amazing how simple the ingredients are, yet the bar tastes so decadent. Delicious treat to feel good about choosing and enjoying.

  • Amy

    MMM, cookie dough 🙂
    I would love to try a vegan/veggie diet at least a few days a week, but the husband is much more skeptical, and doesn’t consider food without meat to be a meal.

  • Ashley

    I love the cashew bar! I’ve been vegan for 2 years now and always keep a couple in my bag to eat when I’m on the go and don’t have time to grab lunch.

  • Marieve

    Love larabar!! Only tried the apple pie and peanut butter cookie but would love to try the cookie dough and snickerdoodle !!
    I sometimes try to do meatless monday, its a good start…

  • Devan

    My boyfriend eats paleo, so going sans meat would be VERY difficult, but we love Root and Fomu in Boston. We love lara bars- carrot cake, cherry pie, coconut cream, banana bread, and peanut butter cookie are our fav’s!

  • Chelsea Cassady

    I’m OBSESSED with larabars. It’s so hard to pick my favorite but I love cashew cookie. Apple pie and peanut butter cookie are amazing too. I’ve been eating vegan a few months and I love reading about recipes and trying new things.

  • Mackenzie

    I don’t have a favorite larabar flavor-- they’re all so good!! Although I do tend to buy the blueberry ones quite often!! I would love to win this--I’m traveling home for the holidays which means hours spent on a plane. I would love to be able to pack these bars as a light snack that still keeps me on track with my health and fitness goals! 🙂

  • Farah

    I just tried the Cherry Pie flavor for the first time on a hike while camping last week, and it was SO delicious! I also made a sweet potato vegan taco recently, following a recipe I got online that was very similar to this. I didn’t expect much, but it was surprisingly filling and flavorful! 🙂 I go without meat once or twice a week and barely notice it’s gone, but I could never do a full-on vegan or vegetarian diet!

  • Julie

    My favorite is the peanut butter cookie larabar! I have tried a vegan diet for almost a year, wasn’t too hard for me to do and I honestly felt great through out it! It encouraged me to cook good meals and always incorporate more fruits and veggies in my meals!

  • Laura

    I LOVE Lara Bars!!! My favorite is definitely a seasonal flavor: pumpkin pie. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and blueberry muffin are close seconds 🙂 I also love peanut butter cookie

  • Gabrielle

    I love love love the peanut butter cookie… Lara bars are my go to snack or pre-workout fuel!

    I eat a paleo diet so going vegan would be a total shock to my system, but i do love some vegan meals and i enjoy going meatless every so often!

    Fingers crossed!

  • Sarah

    I love the Uber varieties, especially the Roasted Nut Roll, though the Blueberry Muffin Larabar is a great flavor with that moist, squishy texture.

  • hannah

    Peanut Butter Cookie!

    I love eating meat, but I do regularly prepare vegan and vegetarian meals for myself. The hardest part is how exhausting it is answering questions in the office lunchroom: yes I do eat meat, I’m just choosing not to, yes vegetables are satisfying, yes I will be full, etc. It hasn’t stopped me, but if I ate vegan everyday I feel that I would spend just as much time defending myself as I did enjoying my food 🙂

  • Katelyn Pickett

    I recently discovered their Renola products, and have loved all the flavors I’ve tried, they’re a perfect topping for yogurt!

  • Viviana

    I love the coconut cream larabar flavor! I have a few vegan friends and while iI enjoy vegan dishes,it is not for me. It’s a lot of fat and sometimes it doesn’t agree with my stomach. I also love eggs and cheese in moderation!

  • Blair

    My favorite lara bar is the classic cherry torte! I love eating it with plain greek yogurt -- it has that tangy taste that I love and crave!

  • Heidi Kerr

    I love the chocolate chip peanut butter flavour. I really like cutting it up and mixing it with banana “ice cream” for a delicious vegan treat! I have been trying out a vegan diet for the last 3 months and so far I love it!

  • Alecia

    My fave larabar flavor is hands down chocolate chip cookie dough. It is delicious and a good treat that’s still good for me! I haven’t intentionally tried to eat veggie/vegan, but cooking for one usually means that some of my dinners don’t involve meat.

  • Aliza

    I love the Cashew Cookie one! I have been trying to eat more vegan rather than pescatarian. I have been mostly doing the VB6 diet with some influence from Brendan Brazier’s Thrive.

  • Kim

    I love PB&J, but they can be hard to find. (Whole Foods usually sells them.) My back-up is Peanut Butter which is sold at Trader Joe’s. I like eating them for breakfast in the car on my way to work, or on the way home when I want something before dinner. They are also my go-to snack for plane rides, and when I’m overseas. It saves me money on breakfast and snacks when on vacation!

  • Stephanie

    Chocolate chip cookie dough is probably my favorite, I have had the seasonal Snicker doodle bar as well which was delicious! But hey they are all so good! I have never made a switch to vegan. Vegetarian is something I have considered before.

  • Linda @ The Fitty

    I’m quite the opposite of vegan--I’m paleo! I can’t imagine a day without lard or bacon(but if I went vegan I’d probably say I can’t imagine a day without bananas).

    I’d love to try the cookie dough flavour of lara bar.

  • Gabie

    My all time favorites are pumpkin pie and cashew cookie! I’ve tried going vegan a couple of times but it’s so hard. I am vegetarian and that is way easier, because im not a big meat eater anyway.

  • Kayla P

    Peanut butter chocolate chip is my favorite, but I have not tried very many flavors although I’ve been meaning to try more!

  • Katie

    My absolute favorite “anytime” Larabar is the Blueberry Muffin. It’s great as a pre- and/or post-gym snack (I usually eat 1/2 before and save the other 1/2 for the ride home). I typically have one in my bag for “just in case” situations!
    I do have to give a shout-out to the Chocolate Chip Brownie… always there for me to satisfy my sweet tooth after a meal!

  • Lboogie

    I have never had the opportunity to try a Larabar, since I don’t think they sell them where I live and although I am in the States quite often, I haven’t had time to purchase these. I am very interested in all the cool flavors though.
    I try to eat vegan from time to time but as you said about your own endeavors, I feel like I’m good as long as I’m in my own house, but as soon as I leave it becomes near to impossible. I do enjoy vegan meals though and I eat vegan at least 2 days a week (more often than not it’s 3 days a week), but if I go too long without meat, but especially fish and shellfish, I get a little cranky 🙂

  • Kimberly

    Peanut Butter Cookie is definitely a favorite of mine, in part for the same reason it would be difficult for me to maintain a vegan diet -- I’m allergic to tree nuts. Regardless, I try to squeeze in all of the veggies in my meals and take advantage of anything with peanuts or peanut butter : )

  • Mary Elder

    My favorite flavor, hands down, is Cappuccino. When I started college, I was always on the go. I always had a Larabar in my bag to get me through the long day! I can’t go anywhere without them.

  • Martina

    I am OBSESSED with Larabars…whenever they are 10 for $10 at the store, I embarrass everyone around me and fill my basket with 20. My favorite is probably the Lemon Bar when I’m feeling feisty, and the chocolate chip cookie dough otherwise. But I get the feeling snickerdoodle might be a new fave…

  • Cait

    I would love to try the Snickerdoodle! Sounds delish!! My favorite is Apple Pie because it tastes so much like apple pie! I haven’t tried a vegan diet, but have been trying to eat a more plant based diet. The book would be super helpful in doing so!!

  • Heather Lovelace

    Hey Sarah,

    I honestly haven’t met a flavor of Laura Bar that I didn’t like but I would also love to try Snickerdoodle as that is one of my favorite flavors of anything sweet.
    I haven’t ever tried a vegan diet but would like to consider it to see if I notice a difference in my energy levels as I am a runner and looking to increase training to 10k level next Spring.

  • Leslie

    Favorite Larabar flavor is cherry pie.

    I have not tried a pure Vegan diet. I’ve come close by eating breakfast, snacks, and lunch as Vegan meals.

  • Catherine

    I love peanut butter chocolate chip! But I love anything peanut butter… I’ve never tried a vegan diet and I don’t know if i could because I love my buttery baked treat every once in a while:)

  • Jen

    love chocolate chip cookie dough!!

    i’ve eaten vegan food from time to time, but have never tried a vegan diet. i would struggle not have some kind of animal protein, i think!

  • Kristin

    My favorite Lara Bar is definitely Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip -- had one for breakfast this morning, yum! I eat primarily vegetarian/vegan (a little fish here and there) but find that my body just feels better eating this way. I cook all the time and you are right, it’s more effort to make veggie food interesting, but once you learn how to cook it well I think it’s far superior to anything you will get out in a restaurant. 🙂 My tip? Hit up the farmers market for inspiration and cook what is local and in season.

  • EVA


    Holy crap, I literally LIVE off of Larabars as a gluten/dairy/egg-free eater, and I am a college student with a 40 minute subway commute each way who does NOT want to have to get up 30 minutes later to scarf down a breakfast. I’ve been eating them for years though even before college, and they seriously never get old!

    But to choose a favorite?! I seriously love them all equally! I guess I’ll HAVE to pick one; peanut butter cookie and blueberry muffin are two staples I always have no matter what, but I also love that they brought back the pumpkin pie flavor as it tastes just like the pumpkin pie of years past to the T. Their bananas foster UBER bar is also really awesome. And their Berry Renola? Addictive. I need to shut up or become an ambassador for them or something.

  • Stephanie

    I am a vegetarian who eats about 80% plant based. Most of my meals are vegan. One thing I have learned is that eating vegan foods is much more enjoyable when eating high carb and low fat. (Similar to raw till 4 dinner style) I always feel better when I do this.

  • Jess

    I’ve been vegan for 4+ years, and was vegetarian before that. When I stopped cooking meat my then-boyfriend (now husband) didn’t even notice. It’s all about what you can eat, not about what you can’t.

  • Katja

    have gone vegan for a couple of weeks sometimes to just get all the junk out of my system after christmas for example, then with loads of soups and stews. but in summer I loove to go raw vegan sometimes! Makes me feel so full of energy, but I also like me some good steak or piece of wild meat once in a while, so I would never go vegan or vegetarian forever

  • Erica

    I love the Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte flavor!

    While I have never tried eating strictly vegan I have been eating dairy free for over 2 years now due to sensitivity issues. It was definitely a struggle at first but now I don’t find my self craving dairy much at all. Except for pizza; that is my weakness.

  • Megan

    My favorite is any with chocolate but I think the coconut chocolate one most. Can’t remember the exact name, but it was awesome!

  • Lily

    My favorite is definitely the Banana Bread Larabar! it has such a strong and delish flavor haha 🙂 I swited to a vegan diet a month ago after eating a paleo style diet for over a year. I love my new lifestyle and its definitely not as hard as i thought it would be! its actually easier!!

  • Adriana

    Apple pie or coconut chocolate! I`m not a COMPLETE vegan yet… I still eat chicken or pork on occasion. But barely ever!

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