A Workout To Do During Nap Time

The first six weeks after Tommy was born, I really had zero motivation to workout. I never thought I would enjoy the time off so much. As soon as I got back into the swing of things though, I remembered why I I love exercise. It just makes you feel accomplished and more energetic, especially when your day is dedicated to just keeping your baby fed, safe and happy.

Every Tuesday, I upload a new video to my YouTube channel. Yesterday’s video featured a workout that is perfect for moms to fit into their day at home, especially during nap time. It is not specific to new moms though. It’s also great if you live in an old apartment with thin walls or have to keep quiet for various reasons. I remember once doing a Jillian Michael’s video and my landlord, who lived 3 floors down, calling to ask what is God’s name I was doing. Good ol’ Southie.

At Home Workout no text

This workout features a timed circuit. There are 6 moves. You’ll do each move for one minute. Rest for 0-60 seconds and repeat the circuit two more times for a total of 18-20 minutes. You do need a pair of dumbbells so you can do this workout at the gym too. It’s not just for doing at home. It works the entire body but focuses on your core muscles, as well as getting your heart rate up.

Total Body At Home Circuit Workout – Quiet! SHHHHH

Move #1. Walk Out Plank with Push Up

Start standing up. Walk hands out into push up position. Lower down into a push up, and then walk hands back in towards feet. Repeat.

Move #2. Plank with Oblique Hip Rocks

In a forearm plank position, with elbows in line with shoulders, lower your right hip towards the ground as you twist at the obliques. Come back to center and repeat twisting to the left. Continue to alternate sides. If this is too hard, just hold the plank.

Move #3. Squat with Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press

Using 5-12 lb dumbbells. With feet a little wider than hip width distance apart, squat down like you are sitting in a chair with weight in your heels. Keep shoulder blades pinches together and back flat. As you stand back up, curl weights up towards shoulders with palms facing in. Rotate palms to face out and then press weights up overhead. Lower weights back down by hips the same way they went up to return to starting position. Repeat.

Move #4. Dumbbell Swing – aka Kettlebell Swing but with a Dumbbell

With legs wider than shoulder width distance apart, hold your heaviest dumbbell in one hand. Squat down so legs are parrallel with ground and squeeze glutes as you straighten legs. Your arm should raise dumbbell up to shoulder height where you switch which hand is holding the weight. Lower back down into a squat a fluid motion as dumbbell comes between legs. Pop back up and switch hands again, repeat.

Move #5. Deadlift with Row

With feet 6-12 inches apart, hold both dumbbells again and lean forward at the hips with a slight bend in your knees. Lower down as far as you can do keeping back flat. Row weights in by sides, pinching shoulder blades together, shoulders pressed down away from ears. Lower weights, squeeze glutes and stand back up keeping back flat. Repeat.

Move #6. Renegade Row with Frogger

Start in a high plank position holding weights in both hands. Row the right arm up by side, bending the elbow keeping plank position. Then row right arm again this time fully extending the weight overhead. Return to start. Now, add in a little hop by keeping hips low and feet jump up towards hands quickly and back out. Repeat on the left side.

If this move descriptions are confusing, that’s what the video is for! Watch it here but no it’s not in real time, you’ll need to use your phone or watch to keep time. Grab your favorite playlist and get to work!

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