Ever since I discovered Life Alive, I have made my salads a bit different. Since then, I’ve become obsessed with including avocado, seeds, sprouts, hummus and beets in everything. Dried cranberries and raisins are also popular favorites that I typically throw into the mix. I know you are supposed to slowly reintroduce foods back into your diet after a cleanse but I was pretty hungry and just went all in. IMG 9608

I made stringy chicken by boiling and shredding it in chicken broth. I find that since chicken breasts are often larger than the recommended 4 ounce serving, shredding chicken like in my crockpot salsa chicken, tends to enable me to make more meals out of it. To be honest, the chicken was frozen and I didn’t feel like waiting for it to completely unthaw and this option seems the best. I hate defrosting in microwaves. 

The greens consisted of green leaf lettuce, sprouts, beets, raw pepitas seeds, avocado, cucumber and sliced sweet onion topped with Lighthouse Balsamic Vinaigrette. I also added a little hummus and nutritional yeast for added flavor. IMG 9606

These new additions help create a powerhouse of nutrients. I obviously added chicken for extra protein but if you are vegan, the avocado, pepitas and sprouts contain protein as well as heart healthy fatty acids. The hummus adds a little protein as well! The beets aid in helping the liver detoxify your system. All the ingredients are rich in vitamins A, B, C, K as well as folate and anti inflammatory antioxidants. Have you spiced up your salads lately? 


Add a little nutrition to your salads!

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  • Jon Schwartz

    Hey Sarah,

    A trick to defrosting without having to wait as long (or use the microwave) is to put whatever you want to defrost into a sealed plastic bag with as little air as possible and put it under running water. I can usually defrost an entire chicken breast in 20 minutes or so.

    Thanks for all the updates, I’ve learned and continue to learn tons from you.


  • Jon Schwartz

    I also have a question: I kinda hate salads. When I’m eating a meal, I usually want something hot and eating a bowl of lettuce usually just makes me feel gross afterwards. Do you have any alternative lunch foods I could eat and still maintain healthiness? Bonus Followup question: Do you know any places around Brookline that have healthy lunch choices?


  • Amy T.

    I saw in an older post that you used Balsamic glaze as dressing. I didn’t know where to buy it so I made some. Very easy, just a smelly process as the vinegar reduces. Anyway, it’s delicious- one of the best salad dressings I’ve tried, fat free and I’m guessing low calorie. Thanks for the idea!

  • Christie

    Great salad!! Love that I have come to the same realization as you, salads aren’t all about the lettuce anymore. I enjoy playing with all kinds of fun ingredients from sunflower seeds and tuna to shredded chicken, guac, and black beans for a great paleo homemade burrito bowl.

  • Rachel @ Healthy Chicks

    I LOVE Life Alive, and have been addicted since I first discovered it about a year and a half ago. Now that I live in Central Square, I’m tempted to go every day but instead I make my own Life Alive-esque meals at home. My favorite? There warm bowls (especially the Swami) which is so fun & easy to make at home. Sometimes I go there for the environment and an extra treat though 🙂

  • shelby keys

    I love your posts that include fun/hip/healthy restaurants to try! Being a fellow bostonian and huge foodie I get excited when I come across these places I have yet to discover

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