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We all have at least one article of clothing we know we should throw out but just can’t bring ourselves to pull the trigger. Most of my first sports bras were from Champion. I wore them all through high school, brought them to college and when they became see through in the years I worked at Diet.com, I finally was able to part ways. They were comfortable and they fit. I didn’t have a ton of money so I didn’t see the point in buying new ones if the old bras worked.


This spring Champion introduces the All Gain, No Pain campaign featuring can-do comfort apparel that lets you run more and train more without discomfort.


If you have yet to experience chaffing while working out, consider yourself lucky. Many of us rely on Body Glide, an anti chaffing deodorant like stick on our legs and arms to prevent painful and irritating rashes in the summer months. The #AllGainNoPain spring line is made with Champion Vapor fast drying technology, chafe resistant seams and ultra light fabric so you can skip the stick and focus on your workout.


I’ve always been a huge fan of the Champion sports bras. Always affordable and always supportive, they’ve been with me since my first track practice in high school.


Although I was a sprinter back then, I was always inspired to run the Boston Marathon one day. Keyword is “one day.” I never knew when, but I knew it had to happen at some point. I grew up in a town called Holliston, which is right next door to Hopkinton (where the marathon starts). We would watch the runners in Wellesley, which is the halfway point, every year.

On Monday, April 20th I will run the Boston Marathon for the first time. It will feel like running literally down memory lane, starting where I grew up to finishing where I live now. My home is about a half mile from the finish line. My goal may be to run it in less than 4 hours, but if I don’t make it, I’ll still feel a Real Champion regardless of what my official time may be.

Champion really celebrates what they call Real Champions, who are everyday people/athletes who pursue their personal fitness journey and goals through something that has inspired them along the way.

Has your personal fitness journey always been inspired by one person, event or goal?

Based on consumer insights, Champion has identified comfort as the key driver for athletic wear and thus has created a line of innovative apparel engineered for added comfort. “All Gain No Pain,” celebrates all you can do when you’ve got quality athletic apparel that feels light, dry, and comfortable. Visit ChampionUSA.com/AllGainNoPain to learn more and follow @Champion on Facebook and @ChampionUSA on Twitter. Use #AllGainNoPain and/or #RealChampions to share your stories.

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