Restless and Tapering

This weekend, I ran my last longish run before marathon Monday! I ran 10 miles along the marathon route and felt strong and fast. It was the first day that I’ve run outside and actually enjoyed the weather since I began training. 

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On Monday, they began to build the staging at the finish line and I felt a wave of excitement and nerves when I walked by it. It was also hot out. It marked my first tank top day of 2015! I was never really nervous for my first marathon because I knew I would finish. Now that I have a goal, I am really, really nervous. I’m scared it’s a little overzealous but also don’t want to talk myself into thinking I can’t do it, because I know I can! I just have to be willing to endure feeling shitty for a few extra miles than I’d like. Pain is temporary might have to be my mantra. I think more than anything, my motivation to break 4 hours is so that I won’t want to run another marathon. 

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I am tapering this week so I am feeling a little restless and super energetic. I got a sports massage on Monday with John Davis and took a yoga class. Yesterday, I taught two classes but did not do anything myself. I was amazed at how much energy my legs had while demonstrating the moves. I haven’t changed my diet too much this week but eating a few more carbs than usual I guess.

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I finally checked out Pressed Boston, a little shop in Beacon Hill serving quick bites, popsicles which they call paletas, juice and smoothies for lunch yesterday. I hear their menu was created with the help of NYC’s The Butcher’s Daughter but since I have never been there, I have nothing to compare it too. I tried the smoked ELT sandwich. The eggplant was thin and tasted a bit like bacon springily. My favorite part though was the balsamic dressing. 

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The place is small but has a little countertop to eat your food indoors by the windows. They also have a delicious looking avocado toast that one friend claimed was the best she’s tasted. I took the counter guy’s recommendation and did not regret it but will try the other menu items for my next visit for sure. I’m excited to try the popsicles once the weather heats up!

When I got home, I had two packages waiting for me to open! The first was a pair of SMS audio Biosport Biometric earphones with heart rate monitor. I’m doing a meet up at the Boston Marathon expo on Saturday from 12-12:30 with Intel and giving away two pairs of these puppies! They retail for $150 and plug directly into your smart phone and measure your heart rate accurately using an app like RunKeeper. Say goodbye to bluetooth battery hogging chest strap HR monitors if you use your phone as a tracker for running or working out. 

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The other package was from adidas featuring my Boston Marathon jacket! My friend Stacy who is running the marathon for her 3rd time said not to wear it until after the race because it’s bad luck. I had no idea, I’m not even sure where I’m supposed to wear this without looking boastful but I’m excited to nevertheless. I put it on for the picture and then immediately took it off. I don’t need any bad luck!

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I am going for an easy 5 mile run today and tomorrow will be running with adidas for the opening of the RunBase store on Boylston. I’ll be live blogging using Periscope starting tomorrow at 9:30 am – 10 am (isn) so if you have it, follow me at SarahFit! 

Excited to see many of you on Saturday at the expo at noon! Come and enter to win the earphones, the expo is open to the public for free. 

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