American Flag Jell-O Shots vs Texas Caviar?

As I make the switch from Tumblr to WordPress, I have noticed there are advantages to Tumblr that WordPress will never compare.  Earlier today I uploaded two pictures.  One of the Jell-O shots in the shape of an American Flag courtesy of the lovely Aimee.

The other was of Texas Caviar, a recipe from a fellow Junior League friend.  It’s like avocado salsa but delicious.


Of course I added the recipe underneath the picture of the caviar but as of right now 95 Tumblr buddies have either Liked or Reblogged the recipe and 34 have Like or Reblogged the Jell-O shot flag.  Both are pretty high numbers for me.  Not out of the ordinary but not average.

I’m curious which post you are more drawn to?  The Jell-O shots or the caviar?  My blog is about balance and lifestyle so I think both fit but I’d love to hear your thoughts so I can make my wordpress more interactive as I have not been seeing as many comments as I do on Tumblr.

Here is the Texas Caviar recipe as well.

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