An Overview of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss – Review

I’m so excited to announce that registration for my next 6-weeks long FASTer Way To Fat Loss round is now open starting October 10th. Spots are limited as I look to create a more personal experience for my clients utilizing text and phone calls vs a private Facebook group as we’ve done in the past.  

For my unbiased review from when I first went through the program before becoming a coach, you can read it here.

What exactly is the FASTer Way To Fat Loss?

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is the fastest growing healthy and fitness online company! For 6 weeks, you get a crash course in intermittent fasting, carb cycling, tracking macros, hormone health, and more detailing how to live the FASTer Way lifestyle for more energy, efficient fat loss and prevent disease with the help of me, a certified personal trainer, IIN certified health coach, pre/postpartum exercise specialist and FASTer Way certified coach.  

On top of that, you get new workouts every day during the 6-week program as well as weekly meal guides that are gluten and dairy free for vegetarians and meat eaters. We focus on whole food nutrition. Our app access gives you all the resources and tools at your finger tips. I’m here as your coach to help you succeed with weekly trainings and daily accountability. I won’t let you fail as long as you stay engaged.  It’s like having a personal trainer, health coach and nutritionist for less than $5 a day for the 6 weeks.  

What are typical FASTer Way To Fat Loss client goals?

Some of my clients have weight loss goals, targeted fat loss and/or building lean muscle but some clients just want to find a healthier relationship with food.  

What are the FASTer Way To Fat Loss workouts like?

Our effective workouts are 30-35 minutes long so yes, you can fit them into your busy day! You can do them at home or at the gym. Led by three personal trainers, you’ll have 3 options for every move – low impact/beginner, minimal equipment or regular. I often share my own postpartum modifications as well.

We have a daily workout calendar we pair with our nutrition strategies that feature 5 workouts ( 3 strength focused workouts and 2 HIIT focused home workouts) and two active recovery workouts that are optional. The videos are uploaded on demand into the app for you to do at your convenience whether it’s at 5 am or 5 pm. I recommend my clients do 3-5 of the workouts each week. If you can only fit in 2 workouts a week, that’s fine. I have some clients who don’t do any, and just follow along with nutrition.

Alternatively, I have clients who do the workouts religiously and loosely follow the nutrition. We also provide the workout in a printable format as well to save! 

Our workouts are THE BEST on the internet. I honestly believe this and why I am still a coach and why I still do the FWTFL workouts 3-4 days a week. If you love your Peloton, I’ll share with you when to incorporate the bike, bootcamps, outdoors runs, etc…  

How do I get started?  

When you sign up here, you’ll get a welcome email and access to meals, recipes and workouts as well as the resources you’ll need in the app once its downloaded.  

You don’t need to do anything before we begin but you can start trying intermittent fasting by pushing back your breakfast and doing the workouts. Every morning during the 6 week round, I’ll email you with daily lessons and to do’s to learn the WHY behind all of the tools and different strategies we use to hit our goals, and encourage you to do the workouts and track your macros.  

Before and After FWTFL

Here’s what you can expect when you join my March 28th round of the FASTer Way:

  • Crystal clear education and resources to set you up for success every step of the way emailed to you daily but also available in the app
  • World class programming to help you burn fat like never before and feel your very best. I really think our workouts are *THE BEST*
  • Streamlined and simple to follow roadmaps to make living the FASTer Way lifestyle more straightforward than ever.
  • All-inclusive app to conveniently deliver meal guides, daily workout videos, intermittent fasting timer, food log, water tracker, and more!

Envision your summer feel confident, energized, lean, and fully supported as you create a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. That vision can become reality with the FASTer Way! Say yes to your healthiest self and join my next round of the FASTer Way here! 

Here are just a few before and afters:

A client favorite from my rounds over the course of 6 months
Another SarahFit client!

I always welcome newly postpartum clients as I specialize in them! I’ll help you find ideal target macros to ensure you’re getting enough food to sustain lactation if you are breastfeeding or fitness modifications if you have a diastasis recti. For more answers to commonly asked questions, check out this FAQ I did in the past.

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