How to meet your career and health goals while traveling for work

Traveling for work can be daunting. Traveling for work while maintaining your health and fitness goals can be overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming with the right mindset and preparation. Below are a few tips to help you get from point A to Z and back to A while achieving your career, health, and fitness goals while maintaining your sanity.

Packing and Preparing

  • Pack for (Workout) Success: Thankfully, leggings, sports bras, and workout tops are reasonably compact, so they shouldn’t take up too much precious real estate within your suitcase. The same goes for workout bands (resistance and booty bands). While most hotels have gyms with free weights and cable towers, packing bands give you the flexibility to add diversity to your workout and the freedom to work out in your hotel room.
  • Snacks on the Go: If space permits within your luggage, pack nonperishable items like packaged or bagged oats, protein powder,  protein bars, supplements, and tuna packets. Ensuring that you have accessible and better for you snacks while traveling and during work meetings can help you stay on track with your health goals and result in cost savings. Who doesn’t love saving money? Don’t forget to pack an extra Tupperware or two for leftovers or on-the-go snacks. I usually pack my supplements and food in Tupperware to save space.
  • Beauty Matters: Ensuring that you include dry shampoo and no-mark hair ties make it easier to go from workout to meeting-ready in no time. 

Travel Day and At the Airport

  • Carryon Essentials: In addition to your laptop and travel day essentials, your carry-on should include an empty reusable water bottle and high-protein snacks. Water and snacks can be pricey at the airport, and most airports have great filling stations for water bottles. While most airports now carry a variety of healthy options, traveling can be hard on our digestive systems, and sticking to snacks that you’re accustomed to may make the journey easier.
  • Athleisure for the Win: If your schedule allows, travel in your workout clothes and sneakers. Traveling in sneakers saves luggage space and allows you to move quickly through the airport. Wearing workout clothing also allows for a quick transition from the airport to the hotel and the gym. For extra credit, if you’re able to wear sneakers during your travel day, you can get in extra steps and movement by walking around while waiting to board the plane. 
Plantain Chips at the Airport

Arriving at Your Destination

  • Plan for Success: Spend time reviewing your schedule and planning your workouts. This might mean working out at a different time than you are accustomed to at home. To help make it happen, consider building in new activities like walking around the city to sightsee, asking the front desk at your hotel for a suggested running route, or looking up a local yoga class to experience. 
  • Request a Fridge and Microwave: Do your research and see if your hotel or accommodations include access to a fridge and/or microwave. Many hotels offer in-room fridges, and some will provide access to a microwave upon request.

Grocery Shop/Delivery: Stocking your hotel room with better food and snack options to keep in your work bag may help you survive work meetings filled with less-than-ideal food options. While there is no such thing as bad food, there are foods that are better for your goals. A quick google search can point you in the direction of a local grocery store to purchase lower sodium deli meats, fresh fruit, rotisserie chicken (one of my favorite on-the-go options), and prepared foods. I typically look for Whole Foods grocery stores, which have great ready-to-go meals. Bonus points for a grocery store within walking distance as you can get in those extra steps while stocking up on great options. 

Grass-Fed Jerky at the Airport

Interested in a few of my favorite on-the-go snacks?

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