Baby Shower Cupcake Sweats

Yep, you read the title right. Sweat, not sweets. Saturday was the first of two baby showers for my sister. Since her husband comes from a large Southie family, we split it up into two so that there were not over 70 guests and she could enjoy talking to everyone. There were over 50 guests on Saturday, but the gift opening was quick and painless featuring tutu’s, bathing suits, bruins jerseys and more clothes than I could have imagined.
IMG 0132

For dessert, I had a carrot cupcake which was enormous and tasted delicious. They were from Sweet Tooth on Broadway in Southie, which I love. I went for a 6 mile run before hand and was glad considering the cupcake was probably more than that. After the shower, I felt the effects of the sugar overload. I’m technically “insane” when it comes to sugar. I know it makes me feel like crap, but I still can’t say no to the cupcakes. In the middle of the night, I woke up sweating and know it was a result of the garbage I ate during the day. IMG 0134

The party was supposed to be a surprise and I think it was achieved for the most part! There was a fun candy bar that was gone by the end for guests to take home goodie bags. I loaded up on the white chocolate malt balls and jelly beans. IMG 0131

We were also given a lottery ticket at each of our seats. The baby’s great aunt won $100! I haven’t actually checked my ticket yet but I would assume if there was a big winner I would have heard about it, right? I love this idea for party gifts. My sister’s mother-in-law also bought scratch tickets for the bridal shower back in June. IMG 3605

Saturday morning was the first time I’ve been running in a while. It was nice to enjoy wearing sunblock and my Oakley Warm Up glasses once again. The fresh air felt amazing. I put my Bar Method membership on hold for the next two months to dedicate to my triathlon training. I’m going to be cycling at Recycle Studio, cross training at the Boston Sports Club with their small group training class UXF and running on my own with the occasional swim. I’m meeting with someone tomorrow to talk about training! IMG 3604

For Easter yesterday, I went out to brunch with Roomie, my pregnant sister and brother-in-law to Atlantic Fish Company. I got the Grilled Mixed Seafood salad which was amazing. The salad in the middle was avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, pepitas, onion and a few other veggies. I got the dressing on the side but didn’t even realize it. The avocado was dressing enough. We ordered grilled calamari with pomodoro sauce and hot peppers as well which was outstanding. I love Atlantic Fish and need to go more often! For dessert, I had some of the candy I brought home from the shower of course.Atlantic-Fish-Company-Grilled-Salad.jpg
I took Sunday off from working out, as I did Friday too. My body was tired and it felt good to just get some extra sleep.
If you are thinking right now, “Didn’t your sister just get married?” you are right. The baby was lovely gift from the honeymoon. I have found this to be a pretty popular trend recently among my friends. Is this just me or you too?
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