March Madness

This week, I was invited to The Sports Club/LA in Chestnut Hill to preview the new club for media. I went to report for Boston Magazine’s blog Hub Health. The club is located in the old Bloomingdales (obviously redone) which is where I used to go shopping on occasion as a teenager. Tina from Carrots’n’Cake was there and so was AJ, who is a fellow Oakley Women’s ambassador. We were obviously outfitted by the PR team to match with the SCLA colors. IMG 0102

I love the SCLA in Boston but the membership is the highest in the city and not exactly convenient for me since I do not work downtown. The Chestnut Hill location is the 1st location to open under the SCLA name is over a decade. It’s called the Jewel Box because it takes the “gems from the big club” and creates a more intimate experience. This includes special attention to sensory experiences, like being greeted by a warm fire. To read my full write up about the facility, check out my article on Boston Magazine Hub Health.  
IMG 3571

Of course, they have their own version of CrossFit called Blitz. It was cool to see astroturf in the middle of a luxury club. After giving us a tour of the facility we were taken through 3 mini workouts. A 30 minute cycling class followed by 30 minutes of Blitz and then a quick yoga cool down. IMG 3572

The spin room was really cool, slightly nauseating but a totally different experience from what I’m used to. It felt more like outdoor biking than spin studio. The bikes are capable of tapping into your heart rate monitor too which is cool and tracks distance but I feel like it’s not accurate like the calorie estimates on an elliptical. IMG 3585

The Blitz was really fun and I was totally sore from just the 30 minutes. I’m starting UXF on Monday, the Boston Sport Club version of CrossFit for 8 weeks so I’m prepared to be extremely sore all next week. While in yoga, I got a text from Roomie asking if I could be in Boston by 7 pm to go to the Celtics game. I obviously said, of course. I made it just in time for tip off!IMG 3580

I ordered a glass of red wine and it came with a straw! So cute but yet, so dangerous. I just had two during the game since we didn’t eat dinner before hand and the food available was incredibly overpriced and sounded disgusting. Fenway has healthy options, the garden does not. We snacked on some peanuts before grabbing mussels marinara and greek salads.  IMG 3582

The next day, it was time for my first shoot at my new “studio” Recycle Studio Boston Common. Cate the owner was gracious enough to allow me to use the space while classes are not going on. I cannot get over how much amazing natural light this place gets! It’s going to look amazing on video. Stay tuned for new videos next week in the new space.IMG 3591

As a late birthday gift, they also gave me one of these wicked cute sweatshirt like long sleeve t-shirts. I’m obsessed with the comfort and design. How cute is their logo? The back says, “Our bikes are stationary. we are going places.”IMG 3593

Happy weekend! I’m first in my March Madness pool as of right now. If I win, I get an iPad mini or Apple TV. I’ve never been so into the tournament. Today was my sisters first of two baby showers and I’m dead thanks to overdosing on a sugar. I just can’t say no to cupcakes. 

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