Barn Wedding Weekend in Maine

This weekend I traveled to Portland, Maine for my third wedding of the summer. The venue was at an organic farm and the dancing took place in an actual barn! Friday also happened to be Roomie’s birthday!

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My marathon training schedule had an 18-miler on the agenda for Friday but since I would be on a small island in Casco Bay with a 3.5 mile circumference running loop, my coach Jess suggested swapping it out for next Friday’s run which was just 8 miles.

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Running around the island twice was actually calming. The scenery is hard to beat and the weather was a perfect 70F degrees. I brought The Stick to “roll out” after my run, which has traveled all over this summer with me.

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After my run, it was time for some baking. Every year, I make Roomie a funfetti cake for his birthday. One year I made the mistake of buying fancy cupcakes to which were too sweet for him and I learned the hard way, he likes the cheap stuff.

IMG 8008

Yes, buying packaged cake mix with “high glucose corn syrup” and artificial coloring goes against all my beliefs but for the one person in my life who doesn’t really like sweets and rarely eats them, I am happy to make it once a year.

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At the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, we enjoyed a good ol’ Maine lobster bake. The wedding guests were all invited which was so generous of the couple. Roomie was in the actual wedding but it was fun to have his sister and my friend Maggie there as well. My necklace in the photo below was a $35 steal I found at Exhale (yes, the spa fitness studio). My dress and jacket are both StitchFix success stories.

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Saturday morning I had an easy 5 mile shake out for my training before getting ready for the festivities. The wedding on Saturday was at an organic farm in Scarborough, Maine called Broadturn Farm. It was my first official barn wedding and the organic farm venue was just a bonus in SarahFit fantasy land.

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The ceremony took place in a beautiful field. As we walked towards it, we spotted these little guys just chilling. I don’t eat pork often and I couldn’t decide if I felt guilty or happy that they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

IMG 8018

After the quick and beautiful ceremony, we headed over to the tent and barn for good food, cocktails and dancing. I was trying to figure out what the different crops were. I identified kale and I think beets but honestly, I have no idea what some of my favorite veggies look like while still in the ground!

IMG 8030

The chickens running made the wedding venue seem very authentic. It is after all a functioning organic farm. They even had organic bug spray for the guests to use if needed!

IMG 8032

The tent was large and we really lucked out with the weather as it was not too cold or too hot. It was ideal for an outdoor August wedding. IMG 8023

The centerpieces were beautiful and every detail at the wedding seemed to fit the bride and groom’s personalities perfectly.

IMG 8021

I don’t think a Farm wedding is complete without mason jar cocktails so I made Roomie pose with me in front of the barn where the band would later play. I’ve realized he never reads my blog so he won’t know this picture is here unless you tell him. So let’s keep this our little secret 🙂

IMG 8026

My dress is from Lilly Pulitzer and a RueLaLa score from two years ago. I wore it originally to my sister’s bridal shower and I had done my Hair and make-up in San Bernardino.

Dinner was amazing, fresh, simple and delicious. The first course was the most delicious salad. By the time it was passed to me, it was not worth a picture but it was a “farm nicoise” made with green beans, potatoes, olives, tomatoes, eggs and a yummy bean crumble that had a pesto flavor. The greens were obviously from the farm as were many of the veggies. Next came the grilled vegetables, scallops, grilled chimicurri chicken and polenta cakes.

IMG 8027

IMG 8028

The chicken might have been my favorite and of course I took a picture of my plate before I grabbed a piece. We were done dinner by about 7pm which is early by many wedding standards but it was awesome because we had 3 full hours of dancing ahead of us. By the time dessert was put out, I was eager to try the chocolate zucchini cupcakes after seeing the menu.

IMG 8033

I danced almost the entire time to Beyonce and Nikki Minaj covers as well as old classics from Paul Simon and Bon Jovi. By the time the wedding wrapped, I was ready to go home, but alas… I had to have one more cocktail at a bar before heading back home. Patron at 11pm after an open bar at a wedding is never a good idea especially when you were already mixing vodka and white wine. Needless to say, I used my rest day on Sunday. I thought by 30 I would have mastered this game.

If you are planning a wedding, here is the site for Broadturn Farm. Have you ever been to a barn wedding?

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