How is it already the middle of August! Just last week I was down the Cape with my family going to the beach and taking a much needed vacation from being connected to social media 24/7. Since I’ve been quiet on the sm front, here is what you might have missed… 

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I got to spend some quality time with my brother, sister and their spouses at a nice dinner. We went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants that we all worked at growing up called The Marshside. When I didn’t see anything I was craving on the menu, I ordered the special, a beet salad and asked for seared scallops on top. It was delicious and I was really happy I thought to ask for it like this. 

IMG 7953

When I got back to Boston on Monday, I had a day of meals waiting for me from Fresh Diet. I’m trying out the meal delivery service for 7 days and will report back to you on my thoughts later next week. For breakfast I chose the Chia and blueberry pancakes with turkey bacon. The “syrup” it came with tasted odd so I just ate it without. It was good fuel for my track workout that was scheduled as part of my marathon training. 

IMG 7962

The following day for breakfast I got granola with ricotta cheese and pineapple. I actually like the lunch and dinners but the breakfasts are not my speed. Everything has dairy, gluten or a ton of sugar. I eat dairy and gluten obviously but I prefer to eat things that are naturally void of these two things. There was probably at least 3/4 cup of granola and the total for all my meals only tap out between 1200-1400 calories so I was curious what that meant for the remainig meals of the day. Note: I eat way more than 1200-1400 calories, that is just what Fresh Diet is sending me. 

IMG 7985

On Tuesday, I had a shoot with Rockport featuring their new pointy toe pumps that feature the adidas shoe lining called Total Motion. I felt silly wearing heels with my workout gear and clearly these girls thought I looked ridiculous too. When you shoot in public as much as I do, you become blind to people looking at you. Usually they just think I’m a student a Emerson or something. 

IMG 7975

The Rockport team wanted to showcase how versatile and comfy the heels are so they asked me to climb this rock. This time I felt stupid. 

IMG 0486

For lunch on Tuesday, Fresh Diet sent me a salmon salad. The salmon was crusted in pistachios and served with a ranch dressing. I loved the salad but was curious if the salmon was wild caught. They don’t tell you surprisingly!

IMG 7998

Last night, after my 8 mile training run, I went to a fun event at Olives and Grace which was just voted Boston’s Best Gift Shop by Boston Magazine. The event featured The Ripe Stuff Juice Cleanse, Apokethers chocolate and marshmallows as well as Ajiri Tea.
IMG 7999

You guys know I’m a fan of The Ripe Stuff. I downed one of Rebecca’s Watermelon Mint juices as soon as I got there and snagged a Sangria and Green Juice for the road. How cute are these bottles? They will be selling them this fall in packs of 8 or 12. A great side of veggies for your breakfast!IMG 7990

The chocolate from the Apothekers was awesome as well. It was not really hard but almost soft like I think because it is handmade and sweetened with small batch sustainable honey. They only work with bee keepers who treat their bees the best. Many are 2nd, and 3rd generation bee keepers. The best was the spicy triple pepper. If you like Mexican chocolate, this was the spiciest I have ever tried. I like spice. If you don’t, you may think differently. I was tempted to buy the sriracha margarita mix from Olives and Grace as well! Apothekers marshmallows are the only ones sweetened with honey!

IMG 7991

Ajiri Tea was also featured at the event. Ajiri Tea sells Kenyan black tea which to raise money to help Kenyan orphans get an education and also create employment opportunities for Kenyans. It doesn’t hurt that the tea is delicious!

IMG 7994

For the past couple days I have been playing catch up! When I decided to start teaching 6 classes a week I had no idea how much I would enjoy it but boy does it make it hard to keep up given my marathon training as well. Today, I took an hour long yoga class at Back Bay Yoga with fellow Essentia ambassador Goldie. On my way home, I grabbed a raw pasta dish from Snap Top Market. This is vegan, raw and delicious. If you haven’t tried one yet, you are missing out! They just started delivering in Boston, so if you are not in the neighborhood, check it out!

IMG 0493

I’m heading up to Portland, Maine for a wedding this weekend. I moved my 18 miler to next week so I only have to tackle 8 tomorrow away from home. 

Are you training for a fall race? What is on the agenda for you this weekend if so? 

What I Ate and Did This Week Sort Of

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