So, I had a big long fun post for you all today but I just found out I am going to be an extra in a movie filming here in Boston.  I’m pretty sure I can’t take picture or anything like that but I’ve done done this before and am super excited.  The star is Ryan Reynolds… hello gorgeous!

This past weekend, I also made my National TV debut in Bethenny Frankel’s E! True Hollywood Story.  Although I’m only in there for about 4 seconds, they did use a DietHealth video I produced with Bethenny and starred in alongside my college roomie.  My roommate gets a recognizable amount of screen time.  I have dark hair so I do not quite look like myself.

I’m super happy that I woke up early today for a 4-mile booty call run before breakfast.  When I came home, I had a delicious protein pancake with blueberries and 1/2 a grapefruit.

Last night, I went to a class at my local Equinox called Barre Burn with Lauren Hefez.  Lauren has contacted me before about social media fitness stuff so I was excited to see what her instructor personality was like.  Holy energy! Lauren knows how to bring it and get you to work harder.

She choreographs the routine to the music which always gets you to push yourself.  I especially loved how she went around to the packed room to encourage and assist everyone.  It was a challenging class with light weights for the arms, lots of body weight booty strength exercises and tons of fabulous ab moves!  It was challenging but not absurdly like some can be.  I hate when instructors just try to show off how strong they are or expect you to do moves that even they cannot do (ah hem Life In Synergy).  Most people could keep up but I could tell they were finding it difficult.  The style was similar to most fusion bar classes.  Minimal cardio (which I love since I’m a runner and don’t want hard cardio with my strength) but enough that my shirt was nice and sweaty by the end.  Lauren also teaches Zumba and although I haven’t found a Zumba class I loved, I’m going to give hers a try.  Check out one of Lauren’s Zumba videos featuring “Moves Like Jager.”

Now, I’m off to my debut! Have you ever been in a movie before?

Barre Burn at Equinox with Lauren Hefez

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  • Julia

    I was an extra in a movie that Josh Hartnett was filming several years ago. It was fun. I went to some cast parties and to his Birthday Party!! The cake was near his table, so I kept going over there to get slices of cake (some for me and some for other people) just so I could have a chance to talk to him. I was definitely the weird, creepy girl at the party! I either looked like a waitress or like I was obsessed with cake.

  • Viviana

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Bar classes! A nice change from the usual gym routine. Very expensive though. I am currently using a groupon for a month of classes 🙂

  • Ashley Diez

    Let us know how the Zumba class goes 😀
    I’ve seen a couple of different Zumba groups on Youtube and her choreo is awesome and energetic is an understatement lol moves swiftly and you can tell she’s having fun 🙂

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