Be Careful What You Pin!

I have not mentioned Pinterest too much on my blog, but there is no denying its power these days. It is the first social media tool that many of my close friends use as much as Facebook. Better yet, they like following Sarah Fit the brand. I have my Facebook page for friends and family, and a fan page for business. Yes, a few are “fans” and friends but it’s fun to interact with my sorority sisters using social media.

I love looking at home design even though I rent and am moving soon. I also love accessories.

The recipes only make me hungry. So I try to avoid them to be honest, lol. I love the jewelry options as well.

I have a birthday coming up. I pinned a few things and labeled them with “On the Birthday wish list.” They were expensive items I did not expect to receive. I also recently pinned things I thought were quirky or my followers would like, not something I actually wanted myself. After a phone call with my mother yesterday she mentioned, “I got you a birthday present off of a pin board.”

I got excited thinking about what she possibly could have gotten me. As soon as I hung up, I began looking at my recent pins. NOTE TO SELF: Start a real WISH LIST pin board for my birthday and Christmas. I am notorious for hating everything people give me. Sorry. Call me selfish, picky or bratty but it’s just the way I am. I think Pinterest is sitting on a gold mine when it comes to wish lists. I wonder if you can register for baby and bridal showers on it too? They should really get on this. [My mom reads my blog, so if you are reading this mom, I’m excited for my gift and I checked with Mary to make sure you didn’t get me that Massachusetts necklace. It was cute, but I’m glad you didn’t get it. I thought the idea was cute but MA’s was ugly. They should make a Cape Cod or Nantucket version. I’d get that.]

Pinterest is also great for finding new mantra and motivational quotes. As well as remembering oldie but goodies.

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