Behind The Scenes: My First Fitness DVD

Guys! I just uploaded my 200th YouTube video to SarahsFabChannel. I can’t believe how quickly I’ve reached this non important milestone. You know what would be much cooler, hitting 100K subscribers! But I still have about 30K to go…

Here is an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of the JCore Body System.

I have a few awesome videos coming up explaining the DVD but in a nut shell here it is:

  • No Gym
  • No Weights
  • 4×4 Space
  • Transform you life in 20 minutes

Each DVD is just 20 minutes and will push you to your limits. Trust me on this one. Tomorrow I am going to show you just how challenging these videos really are. I am the modifier in the videos and boy was I glad. You can tell on my face in a few of the shots how guilty I feel, watching the other women sweat and burn. In fact, this morning I did favorite one the Cardio 4×4.

What I love most about these videos is above, there are no weights and you can do it in a tiny apartment. It is perfect for my readers out there who follow the TIU program. It’s a perfect bootcall workout! Sleep with your workout clothes on, roll outta bed, and get in that booty call before you even realized you woke up! This is also awesome for anyone who has “no time” to workout.

Check out the results from the test group on the JCOREBODY YouTube channel as well.

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