Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! I’m so excited Sports Illustrated decided to debut their new swim suit cover today, Valentine’s Day (even if it was leaked yesterday). As if women don’t have enough reasons to be insecure these days, they slap us in the face with a near flawless, thanks to Photoshop, 19-year old for our significant others to gawk at. Not that I’m comparing myself or anything…

I had no idea who Kate Upton was yesterday but I did remember a Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina, who mangled her answer during Miss Teen USA back in 2008. Is this the same girl? Did she shorten her name thinking we would forget?

Turn out this is NOT the same chick. Perhaps I’m late to the Kate party but this cover girl was born in Michigan and grew up in Florida. She is also the new spokesmodel for Carl’s Junior Hamburgers and a world champion equestrian player.

She said living a healthy lifestyle for her includes working out regularly with a personal trainer and watching what she eats. But there’s no special diet to prepare for a bikini shoot, she said, and she admits to splurging on the occasional ice cream or plate of fries. [NPR]

Why am I telling you all this? People will say to me, “I want to look like her!” And the truth is that, these women are obviously genetically gifted but also well photoshopped. Only the best get to work on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Kate doesn’t even look like the cover in a bathing suit. Don’t ever forget that.

On many of my videos people will ask me, “When will I see results?” This is the most common question that I get. Honestly, I get asked this question at least twice a day on one video or another. As a result, I made a video to respond to this burning question.

Just In Time: Kate Upton on Sports Illustrated for Vday!

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  • Kristy Doyle

    I think Kate Upton is so gorgeous. She’s the most “real” looking supermodel I’ve seen in ages, but you’re right, she’s still photoshopped to death! But man, she’s gorgeous.

  • Alex

    People need to be patient when it comes to results. Anything worth having is worth waiting for, and people need to remember that when they start up a new diet or fitness routine. There are no quick-fixes. In order to get the body they want, you need to commit to a lifestyle change. Then not only will you get results, but you’ll get results that last. P.S. Saw you and roomie on Boston.com’s homepage. Looks like you guys were having fun!

  • Olivia

    I have no problem with people who look like that.

    BUT I have a GIGANTIC problem with magazines like this that basically tell our boyfriends/husbands/dads/etc. that these should be their dream girls.

    Thanks to media such as this, a lot of men grow up thinking women are theirs to look at and gawk over and rate based on appearance. It’s ridiculous. I hate it when my boyfriend comments about things like this, or even just the fact that he works in a bookstore and walks past magazine covers like this everyday.

    KIDS see these. Poor little girls see these, and dream and go crazy trying to be like this.

    It’s stupid. It should not be put out so blatantly and worshiped so much. End rant.

  • Erin

    Hi Sarah,
    I just stumbled onto your website and keep coming back daily for all of your tips and ideas! I am also on the TIU diet plan and I had a question that I was hoping you would be able to answer. I have been going to a sculpting class from 6:30-7:30 and when I get home, I am starving. I have already had Meal 5 before class, so I was wondering if you had any suggestions of a little snack that falls into the TIU diet. Thanks in advance!

    • Sarah

      Hi Erin,
      You could have a small snack before the class and eat Meal 5 afterwards -- or I would suggest grabbing some casein protein powder and making a mini smoothie with it. Almond milk, casein PP and a few strawberries. Also, you could make a little protein pancake as dessert almost. Casein is easier to digest and helps build muscle while you are sleeping. You can of course use whey as well. Other more natural options would be like an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter -- I know it’s fruit but if you are starving, it’s fine.

  • Bianca

    No offence, Sarah, but however much photoshopped Kate Upton MIGHT be on that cover, her body is still pretty similar in real life! The thing is, yes, while most people might not look like themselves on magazine covers, Kate Upton is one of the exceptions. She’s got a beautiful body as a result of endless hours in the gym (read her Twitter) and she obviously monitors her calorie intake. Yes, she is also genetically gifted, but her other family members have average bodies like every other person who’s not a fitness fanatic. It shows that while you may have been blessed with a good body, not taking care of it wouldn’t sustain that figure for long. Your quote, “Kate doesn’t even look like the cover in a bathing suit. Don’t ever forget that,” is quite ignorant. If you YouTube her (she has indeed done catwalks), you can see that she has a perfectly healthy and fit body despite her lack of muscle definition. Just saying.

    • Sarah

      Yes, I agree that she has a more “realistic” body than many models and that she does work hard for it! Good for her. However, if you think the cover of Sports Illustrated is minimally photoshopped it just proves how jaded you and our culture really are to the extent Photoshop is used in magazines and you have proven my point. I never said she did not take time to workout or monitor her diet. I just think it’s unrealistic for men to hold their women to the standards of a cover model -- more importantly, women hold themselves to these standards that are unattainable for most and never ever feel fully satisfied with their appearance and even at a healthy/low body weight, still feel insecure and unworthy.

      • Bianca

        I fully agree on the last part of your comment. Needless to say, you make it sound as if her figure on the cover of the magazine isn’t like that in real life when in fact it is. Yes, she may have been heavily photoshopped but that may be because cameras focus too much on the details and especially the flaws otherwise unnoticable to viewers had they seen her in real life. You make it sound as if her body is sooooo much different than her cover but it’s not.

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