Just In Time: Kate Upton on Sports Illustrated for Vday!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! I’m so excited Sports Illustrated decided to debut their new swim suit cover today, Valentine’s Day (even if it was leaked yesterday). As if women don’t have enough reasons to be insecure these days, they slap us in the face with a near flawless, thanks to Photoshop, 19-year old for our significant others to gawk at. Not that I’m comparing myself or anything…

I had no idea who Kate Upton was yesterday but I did remember a Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina, who mangled her answer during Miss Teen USA back in 2008. Is this the same girl? Did she shorten her name thinking we would forget?

Turn out this is NOT the same chick. Perhaps I’m late to the Kate party but this cover girl was born in Michigan and grew up in Florida. She is also the new spokesmodel for Carl’s Junior Hamburgers and a world champion equestrian player.

She said living a healthy lifestyle for her includes working out regularly with a personal trainer and watching what she eats. But there’s no special diet to prepare for a bikini shoot, she said, and she admits to splurging on the occasional ice cream or plate of fries. [NPR]

Why am I telling you all this? People will say to me, “I want to look like her!” And the truth is that, these women are obviously genetically gifted but also well photoshopped. Only the best get to work on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Kate doesn’t even look like the cover in a bathing suit. Don’t ever forget that.

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