Behind the Scenes: TIU, Blogilates & Sarah Fit collaboration shoot in CA

The collaboration video with Tone It Up, Blogilates and myself is finally live!

Below, you’ll find some snap shots from behind the scenes…

We shot the video up on Katrina and Karena’s roof. It was so stinking cute!
2013 02 06 12 14 38

After chatting for a few hours, once we finally started filming we were ready for some snacks. We enjoyed fresh pineapple and mint juice and protein pancakes made with Perfect Fit protein powder of course!P1010002

Like true bloggers, Karena snapped a picture of Katrina’s outfit for the TIU blog. I believe the blue top is Free People but I don’t know what the sports bra is. I do know that she listed it in the “more info” on YouTube. P1010003

Katrina was the chef for the day. She’s been making protein pancakes since high school! We are the same age and I had no idea these existed before buying the TIU diet plan 3 years ago!P1010005

Years of practice have made her the expert and they tasted amazing. P1010006

Cassey was the only true professional to bring her tripod and professional camera. My video was shot using a bloggie and I think it turned out pretty good!


My favorite protein pancakes are made without a doubt with Perfect Fit. It’s perfection.
2013 02 06 13 16 50

It was fun to hear about how each one of us got into fitness. While I’ve known the girls for a while, I didn’t know everyone’s background story. I learned a lot about my friends and had so much fun!P1010010

For Cassey’s channel, she asked her Facebook community what they wanted to know. She had over 200 suggestions! It was hard to pick the best ones so we chose what we thought the most of you would want to know.

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Did you watch all three videos? What surprised you the most about our collaborations?

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