Hey Guys! I have a small announcement today. The second Sarah Fit Diet Bet of 2013 begins THIS WEDNESDAY. I apologize for the short notice, but at the conclusion of the New Year game, the players were eager to start another soon to keep their weight loss success going.

There were 752 players in January who lost over a combined 5000 lbs! That is amazing. While only 56% of the players lost their goal of 4%, the 44% who did not win back their $30, still felt like winners. Bethenny Anne posted this on my Facebook wall shortly after the conclusion;

Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for hosting the Diet Bet. I finished at 0.8lb short of my goal, so I wasn’t a winner. At first I was really bummed, since the end time was on my 30th birthday, and I was sooo close. But then I realized that I thought of that 30 bucks every time I wanted to pick up an easy fast-food dinner on my way home from work, or when my husband wanted to go out to a restaurant, but we ended up making something healthy at home instead and enjoyed it. From making these choices, I SAVED way more than 30 dollars. And I still lost 8 pounds, which is a huge accomplishment considering how long I’ve been half-assing my weight loss attempts (years). I gained about 80 lb in the last 6 years while earning my doctorate, but now am dedicated to being a healthy person again. I’m a bit ashamed to be so motivated by money, but…. it worked. And I probably could have done something drastic to lose that last pound quickly, but I’ve really made positive lifestyle changes this month and wanted to finish with integrity. I feel so much better about myself already and am going to keep going! It was well worth the 30 dollars. 🙂

While the Diet Bet is not my brain child (I wish it were), messages like this make my month and sometimes year. I started making YouTube videos because I felt so passionately about sharing fitness routines that work and health education I found helpful. Why else would I subject my 22 year old self to world wide criticism on the web? So, if you are serious about losing weight right now, sign up for the Diet Bet before Wednesday morning.

The entry is $30. The previous winners won an extra $16! Not bad considering they also lost 4% of their body weight or more!


To weigh in, Diet Bet send you an email with a secret word the week of weigh ins (1st and 4th week). You take a picture of the scale with the word on an index card next to the scale. Next, you take a picture of yourself standing on the scale. The Diet Bet team will verify your weight.


Money Motivates Weight Loss

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  • Hillary

    So we have to take a picture of the scale itself with the word written on the card plus a picture of us on the scales? so a picture of our full body (like having someone else take this picture?) or can we try and take it on our own? Also do we weight in tomorrow morning or wednesday morning?

    • Sarah

      You can weigh in whenever you would like. Today or tomorrow works. You can probably do it thursday even. You can take the pic yourself using a mirror if you have one, otherwise you may need a friend to take it or a camera with timer & tripod/bookcase. You got the first part right!

  • Amy D

    So this maybe a dumb question, but i want to make sure i get everything correct..sometimes i am hard headed. So I weigh in tomorrow, 2/20, at a nutrition’s office but is that too late to submit my starting weight? I am not sure if i have to submit my starting weight before the 2/20 start date. I typically weigh in on Wednesday so I feel like it will not be a problem moving forward.

    Also does the picture of ourselves have to of us on the scale or can it be at a different time/place?

  • Marin

    To the same end, check out gympact--it’s awesome! I set a goal for how many times I’m going to work out in a week, and use my cell phone to check in at the gym when I’m there (you have to stay 30 minutes to get credit for the workout). If I meet my goal for the week, I get paid--if I don’t, I get charged $5 for every workout I miss. So far I’m up $20!

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