I woke up this morning to 8 press releases sent to me overnight talking about Black Friday deals. This is just the start of the Holiday madness. They say productivity dips down pretty low between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I already spend 45 minutes perusing the ridiculous sales on Gap.com this morning so I’m already a statistic. 

I find that I usually shop for myself during the early part of the Holiday sales. I haven’t asked my friends and family yet what it is they want. I hate buying gifts that people don’t need so that means I shop for myself first! Gap, Piperlime, Old Navy and Banana Republic are among some of the best Pre-Thanksgiving sales I’ve seen, especially if you have a credit card to one of their stores which I do.

In addition to deals, there are also plenty of contests and giveaways to enter for free products. I’m giving away a ton of prizes this Holiday season including a 3-day BluePrint cleanse. Details are coming the first week of December on my YouTube channel. 

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Last year I was so focused on shopping the deals, I forgot one very important necessity that I needed. I like to take advantage of promotions on items I hate to buy like contacts during the Holiday shopping frenzy, but often get lost in the madness of clothes, shoes and accessories!! I wear Acuvue Advance and cringe when I have to order a new set. A year supply costs me around $220. Using the 1800 Contacts App, it’s easy to renew (and you get 5% off) but I always wait until the last minute and sometimes have to wear my glasses for a week because I kept forgetting how low I was running. The style contacts that I wear are meant to be worn for 2 weeks at a time.

I take them out every night and let them soak using Bausch + Lomb Bio True multi-purpose solution which I swear by. I used to always get infections and I’ve been good for a few years since making the switch. If you have issues with build up on your lenses I would recommend Clear Care and soaking your lenses overnight in one of the stand up cases. 

If you wear contacts and do not live near your hometown optometrist anymore, it might be frustrating to order a new prescription. Last January, I needed a new prescription asap before heading to Snowbird, UT with Oakley. My current prescription had run out, I needed a stronger rx and I was on my last pair of contacts. I used Yelp to locate an optometrist in Boston that my health insurance would cover. I went to Dartmouth Street Vision Center since they were the only place with a last minute appointment available. While the doctor was nice, the receptionist was a bitch and wanted to charge me $20 to measure the distance between my pupils the next day for a glasses rx. I assumed it was part of the eye exam. I did it on my own using the Warby Parker website. They also would not accept my insurance despite telling me they could over the phone and prior to the start of my appointment.  

The 1800 Contacts app allows you to search for doctors near your current location. This would have been helpful since Yelp is not a great medical resource. The 1800 Contacts website also allows you to use your vision insurance for contacts.  Once you have the rx written on paper you can just upload a picture of it and they will ship you your contacts asap. You can scan your credit card too or pay using PayPal – my favorite!

If you don’t need a new prescription, you can just scan your contact lens to box to get the exact same pair shipped. It is more affordable to order your lenses online than in most doctor’s offices. If you order via the app, you get 5% off and Free Shipping (until 12/4). If you find a cheaper price online, 1800 Contacts will match it and even give beat the price by 2% as part of their 20/20 guarantee.

1800 Contacts is currently running a giveaway on Facebook to win a year’s worth of free lenses. Visit the app to enter to win by November 30th at 12:59p MST.

DISCUS AND HELP A SISTER OUT: Where are the best Pre Thanksgiving sales that you’ve seen yet?

Best Pre Thanksgiving Sales? PLUS 1800 Contacts Giveaway

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