Thanksgiving for me is a time to indulge but also sweat. As a 29 year old who kicks her own ass 5 days a week, a 5K isn’t cutting it before I sit down to enjoy my stuffing and pumpkin pie. For some people, that may be enough but for me, it’s not.

If you are away from home visiting relatives or your beau’s family here are a few ways to workout efficiently while visiting them. I like to earn my wine.

One of the tips in the video above is to bring along your laptop or tablet for online workouts. Here are a few of my favorites that you can do while following along.

If you are more of the walking person, here are 4 ways to amp up your walk after Thanksgiving dinner, before hand or even on Black Friday. I wrote this post for The Laughing Cow community and had to dig outside my comfort zone as I’m a hard core runner for the most part. I have however had my fair share of hung over Thanksgivings where even a walk was almost too strenuous on my stomach. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest night of the year for many bars.

Barry’s Bootcamp is holding classes on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. CorePower Yoga in Medford is holding a community class which is free. Many studios are open because they know people want to workout so if yours is closed and you don’t want to do it alone, get googling!

As you know I love my Laughing Cow cheese. Here are a few sandwich ideas from my buddy Tina Haupert, Carrots’n’Cake, featuring a few of her favorite sandwich combos using Thanksgiving leftovers and of course TLC wedges.

IMG 0028

My personal favorite is sliced turkey with a little white cheddar and an apple for a post workout snack to refuel. I will admit I’ve added stuffing and cranberry sauce in the past to the turkey roll up… the leftovers got to get eaten by somebody right?

Here are my other favorite Thanksgiving recipes in case you are the hostess or have offered to bring a dish:

What are you doing for a workout on Thanksgiving? I’m going to go for a 6-mile run!

As you all know, I am a community leader for The Laughing Cow Bell Brands. While I am compensated for my participation, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Thanksgiving Workout & Recipe Round Up

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  • Cassie

    Yum I need to try the white cheddar!

    I’m running a 5-mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day… last year I did a run in the morning and in the evening so maybe I’ll get some extra miles in that way too!

    • Sarah

      I wish there was a 5 miler near me. I think there are only 5Ks which are great for families and I will appreciate them when I’m older but right now -- I need some distance. I’d love a half marathon even!

  • Tara@PNWRunner

    On Thanksgiving, my plan is to do a double at Flywheel (one 45 min class followed by a power hour). It will be hard but so worth it. Not just for burning calories, but it is a great workout and I feel so good afterwards! Turkey trot 5ks are fun, but they don’t get me sweating enough!

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