Best Prenatal Leggings Updated January 2021

I recently posted about how I don’t love Zella leggings and it turned into 100+ DMs on Instagram from other women sharing their favorite brands, specifically for pregnancy.

There were so many so I thought it would be nice to compile all of them with my thoughts.

#1. Lululemon Align

This is not a maternity legging but hands down, every ones favorite both pregnant and not pregnant. They do not “hold you in” so they aren’t everyone favorite immediate postpartum but they stretch with your belly and go back to normal. Their soft, buttery feel can’t be beat and are my favorite/go to legging!

#2. Reebok LUX Maternity Leggings

I do not know why these are for sale at WalMart right now for $26 in blush and dusty blue, but run! You can buy them for $65 on the Reebok website in more sizes and colors which recently had 50% off for Black Friday in Black. They do have sales regularly but at $65 they are still way cheaper than my top pick above! They still have size small left which is what I have but these are a favorite among my Instagram followers. People have called them a “dream” and “like butter.” Their only regrets have been waiting so long to pull the trigger and buy them!

#3. Gap Fit Maternity and Old Navy

There are a variety of styles to choose from here but lots of people love their affordable leggings from Gap Fit and Old Navy. The black out under the belly leggings I think were the favorites from 2018 when I had Connor. Not sure if new style has taken over as the front runner. Here is that style.

#4. Aerie Real Me Leggings

Apparently these are a lululemon align dupe! They are not maternity but allegedly people love them but for less than $30 (currently on sale for $13), you can buy two and still save money compared to the price of one set of aligns!

#5. Senita Athletics

I haven’t tried these but got a lot of recommendations for them. To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of the brand but I love the affordability and functionality. Everything has pockets even their sports bras! They allegedly run a little small so maybe order a size up. I actually ordered a pair so I’ll report back soon. The price is great.

#6. Ingrid and Isabel for Target

Their jeans during my 2nd pregnancy were my favorites hands down! These leggings/pants also got rave reviews from my followers!

#7. Baobei Maternity

This is another recommendation from my followers but one that I have not tried. I’m including it because people raved about them!

#8 Fabletics Maternity

I was kind of shocked at how many people love the Fabletics Maternity leggings! I have a few things from Fabletics but they are not my *favorites* – they are fine and I wear them but just haven’t stood the test of time in my drawer. Regardless, a few fans say all they now wear is Fabletics and their maternity are must haves! To be honest, their financial model confuses me so I probably will not buy these.

The deal with Zella…

So here is the deal with the Zella leggings. Half of you love them, and half of you do not. There are rumors that the quality is less during the Nordstrom Annual NSale. Many of you agreed! You also agreed do not but the Zella leggings with pockets! Those fall down, I agree and can attest to this! But again, half of you love the maternity ($38) just not to workout! Apparently Zella leggings should be worn for lounging and not actually exercising.

Other brands…

I do own a bunch of clothes from Storq that I love but I don’t have athletic leggings from them.

Some people suggested brands that I have and don’t love like Blanqi (they pilled badly after I washed them ONCE), Beyond Yoga (love the feel but fell down, saggy crotch, some people like them, size down I guess…), and a pair from Motherhood Maternity that did not stay up. I feel terrible but I can’t remember the

I am sure I missing a bunch more!

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