Is it safe to try Intermittent Fasting While Breastfeeding?

intermittent fasting while nursing safe

I get this question a lot, is it safe to try intermittent fasting while breastfeeding aka nursing?

READ: I shared my own story about breastfeeding and fasting here.

Simple answer is yes! A more complicated response is below:

Basically, in order to successfully use intermittent fasting to lose weight while breastfeeding, you must be eating enough calories to maintain your milk supply without overexercising. Too often, moms try to lose the weight too quick by under eating and as a result, they lose their milk supply, are now dealing with a fussy/HUNGRY baby, they themselves have no energy and give up!

How many calories is enough? How much exercise is enough? How do you lose fat and not just water weight you might ask?

This is a lengthy answer and one I have a solution for in the form of a 6 week bootcamp/challenge that starts on Monday, January 4th.

I am FASTer Way To Fat Loss coach and we kick things off January 4th to lose fat, prevent disease and gain back your energy! You can get more details and sign up here!

When you sign up, here is what you’ll get:

🚀Cutting-edge nutrition strategies to teach you everything you need to know about eating the right foods at the right time

🚀Short-but-effective workouts for every level of fitness, including low-impact modifications for each move (perfect for newly postpartum moms)

🚀Easy-to-follow (daily) meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes that will simplify healthy eating

🚀The coaching, community, and accountability you need to see the results you want!

🚀Plus, our easy to use app that includes everything you need 

I first joined the FASTer Way as a client in January of 2019, 6 months postpartum. I totally changed my relationship with food and exercise. My milk supply was not effected, I exercised less, I ate more of the foods I loved and yet, my clothes began to fit better!!! I also loved how IF gave me back time in the morning, a typically stressful hour AND greater attention span. A favorite benefit of IF for me is the laser like focus I get before breaking my fast.

As someone who has ADD and doesn’t take meds, this was a welcome benefit, I did NOT expect!

Ok, so you’re interested but you’re wondering if you’ll really have the time and be able commit to this program, right???

It’s so easy to talk to yourself out of it. You don’t have time. You can find equipment for your new home gym. You get bored doing the same exercises every day. 

That’s why the FASTer Way has developed 30-minute workouts designed to work with our nutrition plan that also work with your short window of opportunity to exercise. The result? Your body turns into a fat burning machine!

You get to choose between at-home, gym, and low impact workouts. You make that decision based on your lifestyle and needs. 

And the best part? I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way! 

Yes, I’m due January 20th with baby #3, but I ever go early (week late and induced x2) and I have a few amazing coaches helping me with my newest round for the few days I’ll be in a newborn haze. Thank god for iPhones and hours of lots of time nursing to be here to support you 🙂

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and get immediate access to our workouts and meal plans!

Here are some answers as well to some FAQs about the FASTer Way. Be sure to check out my FWTFL highlight reel on Instagram too for answer to commonly asked questions!

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