This week, I am “tapering” for a 10-mile race with obstacles called The Urbanathlon.  I’ve been blogging for Men’s Health/Women’s Health as I train. I’m beginning to get nervous and hoping that my nutrition and training are on point for the week.  Here is a sample of my fitness training plan:

  • Monday: 3-mile easy run in the morning.
  • Tuesday: Strength Train at Equinox
  • Wednesday: Warm up 1-mile, run 3 miles at 8:30 pace, cool down with a slow mile
  • Thursday: Rest/Recover/Stretch
  • Friday: Quick 15-20 minute jog (I would have not done anything, but Ray suggested this)
  • Saturday: RACE DAY! RUN 10-miles with Crazy Obstacles!! Woooo!!!

Question of The Day: Have you run a crazy race before like the Urbanathlon? Any advice for the week leading up? I am a newbie and trying my best at researching the best methods.

With all my training lately and work, I have not had as much time to plan delicious and from scratch meals.  I’ve been relying on my Trader Joe’s frozen food section.  I told you about my love affair with the Coconut Mango Mahi Mahi, but I have not seen it back at the store since!  I’ve moved on to something even tastier, the Soy Ginger Cod.

OMFG.  Roomie thinks the nutritionals are lying because there is no way it can taste this delicious and be good for you.

As a side, I bought the asian stir fry vegetables that came with a sauce packet.  If you like sweet and sticky soy sauce, you will love this quick veggie side.  I added in some quinoa for a hearty grain (note: quinoa is a complete protein, too!)  The veggies say there are 3 servings but as with all Trader Joe’s frozen entrees, it was really more like 2 hearty portions.  This is going to be my new staple dinner.  From freezer to mouth it takes about 60 minutes (40 thawing the fish, 20 baking it and sauteing the veggies), unless you can remember to put the fish in the fridge the night before.  In that case it will take about 25 minutes (5 to preheat the oven).

Slightly high in sodium but what quick fix meal is not.  The fish has less than 350 mg per serving and the veggies were around 400 mg per serving.  The veggies could be reduced by using less of the sauce packet as they give you more than enough for taste.

Do you have a healthy freezer meal that is on hand 90% of the time in case of emergencies? 

(hint: This is one of those secrets people who successfully lose weight keep!)

The Freezer Dinner I’ll Always Have On Hand

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  • Natasha

    I did the Warrior Dash which is a mini version of the Urbanathlon I feel -- it is SUPER fun. Obviously your time will be a lot slower with the obstacles, but don’t hold back -- Just go for it! Oh, and your pace will be slower because the distance is way longer, but don’t overthink it! I say just do it -- have an aggressive attitude and be hardcore because the race is hardcore! At the same time remember to be careful and prevent any injuries because a lot of people are too reckless and get hurt!
    But just have fun with it -- it is a super awesome experience. I actually wanted to do the urbanathlon but I’m in school and it’s too far away.
    Definitely check out the warrior dash though -- super fun! I also want to try the Tough Mudder which is also a 10 mile race, but more like the warrior dash where there are a lot more mud obstacles! These races are so fun -- keeps running interesting for sure!
    I also have a question….have you ever considered running a full marathon????

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