Biggest Loser Controversy: Does Rachel Have an Eating Disorder?

Ok. Here are my thoughts on Rachel’s weight loss from The Biggest Loser season finale. Eating disorder or competitive athlete, I don’t think there is one right or wrong answer/opinion here – no one knows but Rachel and until she comes out and admits it, I’m not going to point my finger at her.

It’s also a great place for discussion because with an obesity epidemic comes a HUGE focus on bodyweight for our children. There is fine line between educating health to them without triggering an eating disorder – binge eating or restrictive!  Some of you will disagree with me but please watch until the end or fast forward to the end when I talk about my feeling on the impression it must have had on young girls.

Like I say in the description, time will tell if she really has a problem but you can’t judge someones health from the outside in my opinion… and when did we start going by the BMI scale to decide who is and is not healthy?

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