Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience

It’s been a month since we last visited Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience but I’m itching to go back now that it gets dark out earlier and know it would feel like a different experience!

They just added two new time slots starting today at 5 and 5:30 pm (it closes at 10:30 pm…) now through November 1st, too! Book tickets here FAST.

So first, the boys love visiting the New England Zoo so when I told them we were going, they were ecstatic! They didn’t realize most of the animals wouldn’t be out but they quickly didn’t seem to mind.

The lantern experience features 50 large scale amazing displays comprised of hundreds of beautifully crafted lanterns spanning across the Franklin Park Zoo’s 72 acres in partnership with National Grid.

The boys loved the 66-foot-long shark tunnel and the 26-foot-tall giant panda. I loved the 197-foot-long dragon right as you enter.

You must make a reservation and many dates are already sold out so do not wait to make one last minute. Time slots start at 5 pm which is an hour earlier than it began this summer so bring your little ones! Reservations can be made daily from now through November 1st.

A visit to the Zoo this fall even during the day would be such a fun experience for the kids to wear their Halloween costumes!

All adults and children over the age of two are required to wear a mask. Tommy was a rockstar and listened, Connor did the best I could have asked of a newly 2 year old.

There is hand sanitizer lining the one way celebration of lights and guests were actually following the mask requirement. We felt very safe while we were there. It was not over crowded at all due to the reservation style format.

Boston Lights also shines a light on the importance of conserving the incredible biodiversity on our planet. From snow leopards to Panamanian golden frogs to the local Blanding’s turtles, each species plays a role in healthy ecosystems. Visitors to Boston Lights have the opportunity to learn more about Zoo New England’s commitment to conservation and ways that they can participate in wildlife and habitat preservation. Presented by National Grid, all of the lanterns are illuminated with energy saving LED lights.

Learn more about Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience here.

This post is sponsored by the New England Zoo.

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