My Current Go To High Impact Sports Bra for bigger chests, nursing or pregnancy

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A good sports bra is hard to find. 

Over the years, one of the top questions I get asked on social media is “What is your favorite high impact sports bra for bigger chests especially when nursing or pregnant?” 

There are a few brands that I consistently rave about and one of those is Brooks. My favorite while pregnant with Tommy and Connor was the Brooks Moving Comfort Juno but it can be challenging to peel off my body after a sweaty run. This pregnancy, I’m loving the Dare Cross Back Zip Sports Bra which is great for now but will also be perfect for nursing sessions later with a zipper and inner j-hook in front for easy milk access. Even if you’re not nursing, this feature makes it easier to remove and put in the hamper after a sweat run!

Who knows what I’m talking about? I know you’ve all seen that meme or can at least imagine the female struggles of peeling off a soaking wet bra that is meant to cling to your body for maximum support, lol.   

I’m more of a walk/run gal these days at 23 weeks pregnant but I can promise you that when I wear this bra, I am pain free and comfortable up top. I do not have to hold my breasts with additional support from my hands as I’ve had to do in the past. 

It also feels surprisingly light on your body considering how supportive it is! The sweat-wicking DriLayer HorsePower fabrice has free-cut edges and minimal seams for reduced chafing, and the V-shaped back has strategically placed perforations for enhanced ventilation. 

If you’re looking for something more supportive, definitely check this one out on Zappos. Shipping is always free and their customer service is excellent, available 24/7! Don’t worry, if you don’t like it, you can always return it hassle free with their signature 360 day return policy. 

I’m also wearing the capri version of my favorite Bike shorts from summer, also by Brooks here in the photos. I wore these every single week to workout in this summer. I love them because they are high waisted and have not one but three pockets, 2 perfect for cell phones, keys or gel on the side of your legs and one along the waistband on your lower back for a credit card, keys or gel if you’re training for something! Get more info on the Brooks Greenlight Capris here. 

Running can be uncomfortable but it doesn’t have to be with the proper gear! If you’re expecting like I am, I usually just size up for leggings instead of buying maternity versions. I find they stay up better and are more comfortable for most of pregnancy! All bets are off the final 10 weeks though, lol.  

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