It seems like forever ago that there wasn’t a single bar studio in Boston but really it was just 2 years ago! The Bar Method opened up shop exactly 24 months ago tomorrow. I’ve been a member for over a year and have never been so proud of how my arms and abs look, despite not lifting a weight over 5 lbs.

Bar Method Pic

Since they opened, it became apparent that the people of Boston were willing to pay big bucks for studio classes and liked the ballet based workout. There are currently 4 studios offering barre style workouts on Newbury Street alone! Nearby BSC and Equinox also offer their own version however it was The Bar Method that brought the style to city proper.


Tina and I went together in October!

To celebrate, they are throwing a little party tomorrow, June 21st. You can sign up for a class with my promo code SarahFit1 to try it for just $10 if you are a new member. You’ll enjoy juice samples in the lobby from new juice truck Mother Juice as well as receive discounts on amazing cocktail and bridesmaids dresses perfect for wedding season from Brideside. On you can view what other bridesmaids dresses look like on REAL people with curves and different body types.  This was something that totally was a pain when searching for my sister’s wedding. There will be other treats and cocktails/mocktails available before and after class to enjoy along with other staff members to hang out with and also check out some Stella & Dot jewelry trunk show.

If you find out that you love the class, there is a summer special where you can sign up for a 30-day $100 membership. After that, it’s $165 a month which is what I pay and is totally worth it!

Boston’s 1st Bar Studio Turns 2

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  • Sarah @ Sweet Miles

    Found your blog via pb fingers and I’m so glad I did! This might be a dumb question…but I’ve seen blog posts about bar method all over the place lately, but I really no clue even what it entails! I know it’s “ballet” based…if I’ve NEVER had ANY interaction with a dance class in my life, is this doable?? Is it pretty fool proof? Like, I struggle with Zumba 🙂 It seems to give everyone awesome toning results without lots of weightlifting (which I hate) so I imagine it would be perfect. I need to investigate it more I guess!

    • Lita

      In my opinion (as a ballet student and having done barre fitness classes), Barre classes aren’t much like ballet at all. In fact, I frequently got scolded during a barre class for doing things that were required in a ballet class.

      Barre classes are more like a combination of Pilates and a unique toning workout. Different styles and studios have their own flavors, but here’s a general run-down:

      -You’ll always begin with a warm up. It’ll seem easy, but you’ll be sweating. The warm up may or may not use light dumbbells.
      -The class will start focusing on muscle groups. Frequently classes start with arms, using light dumbbells and lots of pulsing movements. You may do abs after arms, or you may move to the barre for legs. You’ll pulse in a slight releve (raised up on the balls of your feet) and lean away from the barre and pulse some more. Your legs will shake. Trust me. After each muscle group, you’ll stretch the muscles that you’ve just worked.
      -Some classes sit under the barre and use straps and resistance to do some ab-focused things, similar to the leg stretches and lifts in Pilates. Some skip sitting sections.
      -If you hadn’t done abs earlier, you’ll likely do them now. Lots of yoga boat poses and trying to remember to breathe.
      -You’ll stretch, cool down, drink a bunch of water, and be done.

      Hopefully that helps some!

  • Lisa

    Sarah-You look fab! But why the silly looking faces? You have a great body….your face should be smiling from ear to ear!!

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