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If you are looking for something new and fun to check out close to Boston, you’ve got to make the trip to the Stone Zoo for their brand new Brick Safari exhibit that debuted this past weekend.

The real animals are great of course but I shocked at how much Tommy and his friends loved the 42 life size animals made out of LEGO® bricks throughout the park. You’ll be able to take your own safari and explore the animals October 12 through January 5.

Stone Zoo is about a 15 minute drive north of Boston in Stoneham (no traffic of course). It took us about 20 with a little congestion.

Tommy has been begging me to bring him to the zoo again since we last went this past Spring. He is obsessed with animals. He loves the figurines that cost $8-20 an animal. He now has an animal book he carries around with him and if you ask him his favorite he will say “all of them.”

Our friends invited us to join them on Indigenous People’s Day formerly known as Columbus Day (not legally in MA, yet!). So off we went with 4 kiddos between the ages of 1 and 4 years old.

We were first greeted by a bamboo eating panda bear made out of LEGO® bricks and the continued to see real flamingos, real parrots as well as their brick counterparts and then our family favorite, SHARKS!


I didn’t even have to bribe the children to hop in this safari jeep made of 74,600 LEGO® bricks for a photo opportunity. I did have to bribe them to get off so other kids could have a turn.


Every animal sculpture, built by BRICKLIVE, relies upon thousands of bricks to keep it strong, and each brick has a part to play. The take away for the kids is supposed to be that our ecosystem is much the same way – where every species, large and small, plays a crucial role in a balanced ecosystem. As species are removed, the system weakens. The zoo encourages guests to help become biodiversity builders by joining their mission to keep the ecosystem healthy and strong.

Can you imagine how much time it must have took to build this elephant made from over 270,000 bricks! The animals featured are from all corners of the globe.


The kids had so much fun. Three is so much fun at times especially at places like the Stone Zoo. Many of the animals were rescued and during rehabilitation it was later learned they wouldn’t be able to integrate back into the wild like a pair of black bears and bald eagle. I didn’t read every animal’s story (it’s hard while keeping track of kiddos) but I wish I had been able to!

Stone Zoo Map with toddlers

Of course you’d think the kids would be most interested in the gorgeous jaguar and or cougar but they were obsessed with the map. Jury is still out on whether or not they had ANY clue what they were looking at but of course, we used the map to find the playground at the end of our journey.

jaguar stone zoo

If you saw my Instagram stories, you might recall that I shared a sweet moment of a momma monkey nursing her “toddler.” There is very little in life that I feel like I can relate to a wild animal with the exception of nursing our young. It’s nature in it’s purest form and while I get not everyone can do it, this is not meant to be a shaming observation but nursing is hard, it’s not the most enjoyable experience but somehow as mothers we produce this milk that allows a baby to grow and thrive. The little monkey latched on for about 15 seconds and after they ran away. The mom didn’t look super “full” so I think the mom must be nearing the end of her nursing journey where it’s a comfort thing. The momma pounded her chest a few times afterwards. I have no idea why but all I could think was maybe she has a clogged duct?! I know this is very far fetched but again, this momma monkey was just hanging out, and the baby runs over and just starts milking for like 10 seconds and runs away. I found it endearing, funny and amazing all in one.

I was recommended to go back for the Brick Safari at ZooLights which runs from November 22 – January 4th, 5 – 9 pm. At the annual festival of lights, ZooLights, you’ll get to take in the sight of each spectacular brick sculptures lit by thousands of twinkling lights. You can also visit Santa’s Castle to get an exclusive peek at sculptures only seen at this event, and to meet Santa himself!

For more information, visit ZooNewEngland.com. This post is sponsored by Zoo New England. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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