How To Stop Breastfeeding a Toddler VIDEO

I’ve done a few posts on how to stop breastfeeding a one year old or toddler but wanted to share a video with my YouTube community so here is another opportunity to learn how to wean your baby if they will take a bottle and are exclusively breastfed! Catch it on YouTube or watch below.

I’ve also documented my breastfeeding journey here but I had YET to stop nursing or even attempt it.

I did share how I stopped nursing my one year old here.

Don’t want to watch the video and want the short answer?

#1. Take away a feeding once a week. If you can, give baby milk in a sippy cup or bottle. If baby won’t take a bottle or sippy cup try giving alternative milk options like Oatly, Ripple, whole milk and of course breast milk!

#2. GO AWAY. Easier said than done but maybe coordinate the end of your breastfeeding journey with a wedding weekend, work trip or girls weekend alone. You can honestly go where ever but you need to physically go away so that baby cannot see you. Sure you could stop cold turkey without going away but it’s going to be HARD. Going away is my best tip.

What worked for you?

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