Boston Marathon Victims Charity Fitness Event

For the Bruins Sabres National Anthem video from 4/17 scroll down below.

I’m excited to formally announce my involvement in an amazing event The Ultimate Spring Workout being held in Boston on April 27th. This was planned as a free fitness event featuring 4 different workouts and has now become a Marathon Victims charity raising effort. For every attendee that shows up, PopChips and Ultimate Bootcamp are donating $2 for the first 500 people. I’m also going to be donating $2 for every woman who comes over to visit the PopChips tent and can do 21 or more non modified push-ups. All proceeds will be donated to The One Fund. 

Join Ultimate Bootcamp and other fitness companies on the Rose Kennedy Greenway for a slate of FREE workouts on Saturday, April 27th The Ultimate Spring Workout is a celebration of spring, fitness and community that will provide 45-minute fitness classes to Bostonians on the beautiful Rose Kennedy Greenway in the North End.

In light of the tragic events of the Boston Marathon, Ultimate Bootcamp and popchips have committed to donating $2 per attendee to The One Fund to benefit the victims, up to 500 people. There will also be fitness raffle prizes worth thousands of dollars to raise additional funds.Attendees will be able to try workouts like Ultimate Bootcamp, Z-Spot Zumba Fitness®, Prana Power Yoga and Redline Fight Sports Kickboxing, and experience treats like frozen Greek yogurt from Yasso, fresh juice from Joos and complimentary chair massages from Joint Ventures Physical Therapy. The first 150 arrivals will receive a goody bag.

I’ve donated 2 pairs of Oakley sunglasses for you to win in the raffle. So far additional raffle prizes include a $100 City Sports gift card, 3 day cleanse from Joos, 5-Class Prana Power Yoga Classes, acupuncture and massages from Joint Ventures as well as Z-Spot Zumba 5-Class pack and workout gear. More raffle prizes I’m sure will be donated.

The event is being held outdoors on April 27th at the Rose Kennedy Greenway starting at 9:30 AM. The rain date is May 4th.

IMG 3718

Last night, I went to the Bruins game for an emotional evening. I wanted to wear something in support of the marathon so I opted for a blue shirt with a yellow tank underneath. Not sure if anyone else noticed it was intentional but I felt patriotic. If you recognize the lady below, that’s because it’s Rebecca of The Ripe Stuff, my favorite juice cleanse in Boston!

IMG 0197

Before the National Anthem, there was a moment of silence and the jumbo tron featured a short video paying tribute to what happened on Monday. The energy was electric and yet heavy hearted at the same time. It brought tears to my eyes. Next, the loud speakers encouraged us to sing the entire anthem with Rene Rancourt, who always sings. I, of course, took a video of it.

I ran into my high school best friend Stacy, who I mentioned in an earlier post was sitting in the grand stands across from the first blast, and started crying of course. She and my friend Jess were the first two people I thought of when I heard about the explosion. I posted a picture on Instagram of us together last year right in front of the incident. They were not injured but saw everything happen.

The crowd stayed through to the very end of the shoot out. Something I feel like is rare these days. It really was an uplifting experience that made me forget I was supposed to be glued to the news for updates and made me proud to call Boston my home.

I’m looking forward to going back to normal and posting about fitness and health related things but it’s hard so I apologize if I’m boring you all.

Side notes:

  • The next DietBet is starting just 1 week from today! Stay tuned for a video later on my channel if you aren’t sure what a dietbet is or haven’t done one yet. It’s timed perfectly so that it will finish on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend.
  • If the girl on the right looks familiar to you, that’s because she’s the amazing woman on the Sports Illustrated cover this week. Congrats Rachel, we are all so proud you!



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