A Cleanse Again?

Since I ended the last week with a declaration of honesty, I figured we might as well continue the trend. I was overwhelmed with your positivity and kind comments on the Perfectly Imperfect post. I am blessed to be able to make YouTube videos and blog for a living, but even more thankful that the audience I’ve built is as cool and amazing as you guys. I think I need to start doing more meet-ups when I travel and at home even if only 1 of you shows up.

Today, I am starting a 2 day juice cleanse with The Ripe Stuff.
RipeStuff Day1

“Again?” asked one of my Instagram followers.

Originally, I was going to do my first 3-day with The Ripe Stuff. When BluePrint contacted me, I decided to do that one first since most of you don’t live in Boston and BP ships to most of the US now. I thought it would be more beneficial to my readers to try a program that was accessible outside of Boston. I have since become friends with the owner of The Ripe Stuff (she’s a cool 20-something female who started her own business from scratch, what’s not to love). I promised I would try hers if I liked BP to compare since it is cheaper for Bostonians.

I don’t think you NEED a juice cleanse to detox your body but I honestly loved how I felt after the first 3 day. I only wanted healthy foods when I finished. I haven’t craved coffee once either. I don’t think there is anything wrong with coffee but tea is more my speed these days – unless I need a serious caffeine jolt to wake up. As I stated in Friday’s post, my diet has been more toxic than I’d like. Parties and holidays will do that and since I knew the cleanse was coming, I was probably a little more carefree than usual.

2013 01 11 20 23 50

Friday night, I met some friends for drinks at Trade in Boston. I tried the Russian something… I can’t remember the last part. It was made with vodka, amaretto, soda and cherries. I had two. I ate dinner before we got there but had a slice of the fig flatbread and burrrata appetizer. Both were delicious but the real standout was the dessert. I had never had a baked Alaska and I wish I took a picture. It was amazing. The dessert is made up of a scoop of sorbet covered in a marshmallow mixture and torched until golden brown placed upon a cookie. It looked like merengue on a lemon pie. Of course I take a picture of an ugly cocktail and not the delicious toasted treat.

2013 01 12 16 39 25

Saturday, I headed to Whiskeys for some football! I ordered a skinny margarita to start and then switched to beer during the games. I had 4 total but was there from 4 until 10 pm! I also had 2 cups of black coffee because I would have fallen asleep at 7 pm. Probably a first for our waitress. The table ordered nachos and I had a few but ordered the taco salad for dinner. Whiskeys has terrible food, but someone insists I go there frequently for sports. Hopefully the cocktail pictures doesn’t become a trend or else, I’m going to have to start a new blog called SarahDrinks… joking of course. You can probably see now why I’m excited for the cleanse.

I’ve had the first three juices and it’s 2 pm. I feel good! I think I’m going to have some avocado and celery later today, something you are allowed that I did not have on hand last time. I’m also headed to Bar Method this evening. If you are interested too, you can try The Ripe Stuff for 10% off using my coupon code SarahFit10%. I do not get any money from it, but you save some!

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