Since I ended the last week with a declaration of honesty, I figured we might as well continue the trend. I was overwhelmed with your positivity and kind comments on the Perfectly Imperfect post. I am blessed to be able to make YouTube videos and blog for a living, but even more thankful that the audience I’ve built is as cool and amazing as you guys. I think I need to start doing more meet-ups when I travel and at home even if only 1 of you shows up.

Today, I am starting a 2 day juice cleanse with The Ripe Stuff.
RipeStuff Day1

“Again?” asked one of my Instagram followers.

Originally, I was going to do my first 3-day with The Ripe Stuff. When BluePrint contacted me, I decided to do that one first since most of you don’t live in Boston and BP ships to most of the US now. I thought it would be more beneficial to my readers to try a program that was accessible outside of Boston. I have since become friends with the owner of The Ripe Stuff (she’s a cool 20-something female who started her own business from scratch, what’s not to love). I promised I would try hers if I liked BP to compare since it is cheaper for Bostonians.

I don’t think you NEED a juice cleanse to detox your body but I honestly loved how I felt after the first 3 day. I only wanted healthy foods when I finished. I haven’t craved coffee once either. I don’t think there is anything wrong with coffee but tea is more my speed these days – unless I need a serious caffeine jolt to wake up. As I stated in Friday’s post, my diet has been more toxic than I’d like. Parties and holidays will do that and since I knew the cleanse was coming, I was probably a little more carefree than usual.

2013 01 11 20 23 50

Friday night, I met some friends for drinks at Trade in Boston. I tried the Russian something… I can’t remember the last part. It was made with vodka, amaretto, soda and cherries. I had two. I ate dinner before we got there but had a slice of the fig flatbread and burrrata appetizer. Both were delicious but the real standout was the dessert. I had never had a baked Alaska and I wish I took a picture. It was amazing. The dessert is made up of a scoop of sorbet covered in a marshmallow mixture and torched until golden brown placed upon a cookie. It looked like merengue on a lemon pie. Of course I take a picture of an ugly cocktail and not the delicious toasted treat.

2013 01 12 16 39 25

Saturday, I headed to Whiskeys for some football! I ordered a skinny margarita to start and then switched to beer during the games. I had 4 total but was there from 4 until 10 pm! I also had 2 cups of black coffee because I would have fallen asleep at 7 pm. Probably a first for our waitress. The table ordered nachos and I had a few but ordered the taco salad for dinner. Whiskeys has terrible food, but someone insists I go there frequently for sports. Hopefully the cocktail pictures doesn’t become a trend or else, I’m going to have to start a new blog called SarahDrinks… joking of course. You can probably see now why I’m excited for the cleanse.

I’ve had the first three juices and it’s 2 pm. I feel good! I think I’m going to have some avocado and celery later today, something you are allowed that I did not have on hand last time. I’m also headed to Bar Method this evening. If you are interested too, you can try The Ripe Stuff for 10% off using my coupon code SarahFit10%. I do not get any money from it, but you save some!

A Cleanse Again?

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  • maria

    I will love to try the ripe stuff cleanse but I live in tx and Ripe stuff deliver just in boston.. 🙁 Could u suggest a cleanse I can find here to ?

  • Savannah

    I wish I could do the cleanse but I get so irritated and feel like it’s ” unfair ” sometimes even to eat completely clean for a whole day. 🙁 I think I need more help than just a cleanse but keep us updated for sure! <3

  • Catherine

    Love your blog! Just wondering about what you do after a weekend or period of “over indulgence”? Do you just try and go back to your normal routine or do you add extra workouts or eat cleaner?

  • andreas

    Over here we have a stuff called Vemma…they also have everything in Drinks. From Energy to cleanse. I guess you have it in the USA too. I am skeptic about those drinks. Sometimes I think, it will be better to eat natural. But who knows…
    Greetings from Germany.

  • Jen

    Hi Sarah!

    Woohoo -- I think I’m going to sign up for the cleanse! I live in Boston as well and have been kind of lame about not doing it…but we’ll see. Also, would def be interested in a meetup, as a fellow 2o-something!

  • Katie C.

    So I’m on day 2 of the Ripe Stuff Cleanse. Did you honestly enjoy the green juice? (on any cleanse, not just the ripe stuff).
    This is my first Juice cleanse. Maybe it’s just me-- the strong taste of kale and celery and cucumber are just not my cup of juice lol. Loving the pineapple and the almond ones (probably because they basically taste like dessert).

    • Sarah

      I actually LOVE green juice. I crave it. I’ve heard people who originally do not like the taste end up wanting it on day 4. Keep at it! You can do it. I’ve tasted many Green Juices and actually liked Ripe Stuff more than BluePrint.

      • Katie C.

        I sucked it up and didn’t cheat once for the 3 days. This morning I woke up excited to be able to chew again but then remembered I didn’t hit up the food store so I was left with some trail mix and fruit to start the day. But I have to say by the last green juice yesterday I was STARTING to get used to it. Not something I’d be able to drink all the time but definitely something I may want to do every few months to bring me back in line. Thanks for referring them!

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