After arriving in NYC yesterday at 9:40 AM, I headed to a make shift studio at a lovely apartment near Grand Central Station. For those of you who are not familiar with professional productions, setting up takes up the most time. We did not start filming until 3 pm! We finished at 6:45 pm but were not done. I was invited to an event with MPG in NYC hosted with Bianca Jade who is also known here in NYC as MizzFit.

Needless to say, I did not fit in actually exercise but filming was taxing enough. I did not have time to shower in between shooting and the event. I was excited to see Bex, one of my YouTube fitness buddies.

This morning, we are starting to shoot at 10 AM. Today is less intense physically so I hopped over to Physique 57 this AM. Love this place. When I came in February I purchased a class pass for $35. It was a buy one class, get one free for new members so my class was already paid for.

These balls are killer! I’m expecting to be sore tomorrow. I love the most that in the first part of class, they encourage you to use weights that are heavier than 3 or 5 lbs. I use 8 lbs.

Afterwards, I went to a small coffee shop called Snice Cafe and had a large bowl of homemade granola with yogurt and berries. There was a good crunch, a few nuts and not too much sugar in the granola. I’m a sucker for homemade granola but rarely buy it because someone has issues with the portion control.

Now off to go shoot MORE VIDEOS!

Busy Bee in NYC

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