5 Gym Habits To Avoid – Pet Peeves

As a self-proclaimed fitness junkie, I loathe the New Year but as a trainer, I am supposed to love the New Year. Not only is it the most affordable time of the year to join a gym, but it also means people are super motivated to get fit again! Many of these people think showing up to the gym for 30 minutes on an elliptical will grant them the power to eat what they want. Wrong.

There are a few pet peeves I have when it comes to the gym. If you are new to joining a gym, take note of the following habits you will want to leave at home.

I hate the gym during resolution season because it’s always so packed. I’m always guaranteed to pick up a cold as well. I love it though because I find that I feed off of others energy and determination. There is nothing more encouraging that seeing someone lifting heavy weights with super toned legs and lifted booty! I’m not a big resolution person because I don’t believe in starting tomorrow or next week. In fact, I started my “resolution” yesterday. I’m trying to chew less gum and added refined sugar. That doesn’t mean I’m not eating dessert, I’m just saying yes to frozen banana ice cream and no to cookies.

If you watch this video on YouTube and leave a comment (on YouTube), you will be entered to win an outfit from MPG via ActivewearUSA.com. The comment must be made on YouTube to be entered. Feel free to let me know below too what your pet peeves are.

The comments for the video are hilarious. As of 3 pm EST, there are over 260 comments so I’m already overwhelmed in trying to read them so if you have a good one, leave it here to make sure I see it 🙂

Also, where did the phrase “pet peeve” even come from? Such a weird saying, right?

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