As a self-proclaimed fitness junkie, I loathe the New Year but as a trainer, I am supposed to love the New Year. Not only is it the most affordable time of the year to join a gym, but it also means people are super motivated to get fit again! Many of these people think showing up to the gym for 30 minutes on an elliptical will grant them the power to eat what they want. Wrong.

There are a few pet peeves I have when it comes to the gym. If you are new to joining a gym, take note of the following habits you will want to leave at home.

I hate the gym during resolution season because it’s always so packed. I’m always guaranteed to pick up a cold as well. I love it though because I find that I feed off of others energy and determination. There is nothing more encouraging that seeing someone lifting heavy weights with super toned legs and lifted booty! I’m not a big resolution person because I don’t believe in starting tomorrow or next week. In fact, I started my “resolution” yesterday. I’m trying to chew less gum and added refined sugar. That doesn’t mean I’m not eating dessert, I’m just saying yes to frozen banana ice cream and no to cookies.

If you watch this video on YouTube and leave a comment (on YouTube), you will be entered to win an outfit from MPG via The comment must be made on YouTube to be entered. Feel free to let me know below too what your pet peeves are.

The comments for the video are hilarious. As of 3 pm EST, there are over 260 comments so I’m already overwhelmed in trying to read them so if you have a good one, leave it here to make sure I see it 🙂

Also, where did the phrase “pet peeve” even come from? Such a weird saying, right?

5 Gym Habits To Avoid – Pet Peeves

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  • Nicole

    I agree, I HATE when people grunt and groan at the gym!! I can understand a little more why people do it when they’re lifting heavy weights (but still find it annoying!), but when I see men (because let’s be honest, it’s mostly men that like to grunt at the gym…) groaning when they’re doing a simple ab move or something of that nature? BARF. Cute video Sarah!

  • Sarah

    Haha I worked at a gym last year this time and it was crazy! Blah I hate when people don’t wipe down the equipment… I do not want to touch your sweaty germs yuck. Love the video.

  • Jessica LeBoeuf

    I found out the history behind “pet peeve”…apparently back then peeve came from peevish which referred to what made you irritable or annoyed. Pet is just referred to as an individual such as teacher’s pet. Well there you go I thought you might enjoy that bit of information. I entered the bad gym habits on youtube by the way under THEMAN2790.

  • Rachel Sawyer

    I hate when people don’t wipe down their machines… If I ever see that I usually wipe it down for them, but then I glare a little bit too haha! And I also don’t like seeing the girls at the gym that show up in full hair and makeup and revealing gym clothes, then they hop on the elliptical for 15 minutes and leave… really? That’s not a workout! C’mon…

  • Miriam

    I hate when someone lets his towel on a machine and he’s somewhere else talking to someone !!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU SARAH 😀 Wishing you what you deserve the most !! xxx

  • Jaimelee

    My pet peave is people who spit while lifting. Sometimes there is a grunt but there is nothing worse than being next to someone doing a set and they blow out through clinched teeth and spit flies…gag

  • Ellie@Fit for the Soul

    hahaha yesterday someone was grunting sooooo loud it was kind of embarrassing! I felt awkward and pretended not to hear anything….:P And my “pet peeve” is when men are always looking around everywhere, like constantly. And also, when people (it’s usually men) stay at certain stations or equipment for a long time but they’re not using it and just talking. Fun post, Sarah! And have a happy happy new year!

  • Heather

    My biggest gym pet peeve is with members who feel the need to strut around the locker room in their birthday suit! It’s like a bad rendition of that LMFA video! For the love of god, throw some clothes on already!

  • Vanessa

    The grunting some people do at the gym makes me laugh. I’m guilty of holding the treadmill while running. I hadn’t realized until now that it reduces the impact of my workout!! Now I know thanks to Sarah.

  • Drew

    There’s a good reason for grunting. Screaming your head off with every rep is not necessary however, when you are lifting weight you MUST MAINTAIN A TIGHT CORE. Nothing can simply deflate. A simple exhale is like releasing air from a balloon. Everything just deflates. You CANNOT relax your core while you’re pushing or pulling heavy weight. So when you’re lifting you should, at the very least be breathing out like a pressure valve (i.e. Making some noise). And for many (like myself) it’s an involuntary reaction. And honestly; if you’re that unfocused that a little grunting will distract you from your workout I think you should be more concerned about your mental health.

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