Chronic Stress Is Causing Hair Loss, Weight Gain & Headaches But There’s Good News

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The current recession is sidelining hundreds of thousands of women in the workplace. Many were laid off and haven’t found new jobs, others have left their jobs and chosen or were forced to take care of their children or go part time to balance both. 

I am one of these women who has scaled back her own business in lieu of hiring help to reduce our exposure to the virus. Balancing my new duties has been a struggle, but my health is still a priority, especially my mental health. 

But it’s actually not JUST mental health either we need to be nervous about! Right now everyone is firing on all cylinders. Chronic high levels of stress over an extended period of time (think since April), has been clinically shown to drastically alter physical function and affect nearly every organ system! Think inflammation throughout the body and brain, and a poorly functioning immune system which is bueno, especially right now. People are experiencing jaw pain due to muscle tension, hair loss, unexplained and debilitating headaches and weight gain. 

Good news though! When the danger is over, the hormones return to normal levels. But, we’re still in a pandemic, right??? Don’t fear, there are ways to reduce the stress hormone before this is all over…

EXERCISE!!! Exercise can help counteract stress induced inflammation in the body, even when it’s just low to moderate intensity! 

Juggling my new role as a mainly stay at home mom, makes it a challenge to fit in exercise but when I can’t fit in something solo, I’ve been taking the boys for long walks, jogs and even do little intervals with them as they love to run! 

So lace up those sneakers and run for good! A good run can take many different forms, good views (hello fall foliage), good company (my kiddos) and most importantly these days the physical and mental health benefits!

For those who crave reliable comfort on any run, I highly recommend the Saucony Ride 13! It keeps paving the way to smooth miles with even softer cushioning and a new streamlined fit.

Literally, I opened these out of the box and slipped them comfortably right on my feet with zero break in time! I have low arches and find this shoe to feel supportive even though it is promoted as a neutral shoe. The seamless upper allows just enough stretch that it doesn’t get uncomfortable after wearing for an extended period of time. 

Since I’m expecting, I love the PWRRUN cushioning that protects from impact with a soft, yet responsive feel underfoot. My legs both feel about 10 lbs heavier than they used to so the responsiveness is a welcome boost to my stride! Priced currently at $130, this is a solid shoe that I’m excited to wear as my go to running/walking shoes for the foreseeable future. I really love these!

Since I’m not running out the door to any local shoe retailers, I highly recommend snagging a pair of Saucony Ride 13 by shopping on Zappos. As a Zappos Rewards member, I get free expedited shipping and returns with a 365 day return policy. They have a large selection of colors and other styles and their customer service is 24/7 and the best in the business. 

If running isn’t your thing though, don’t fear. You can get these stress reducing benefits from just a walk outside!

Other remedies to reverse the damage of chronic stress includes mediation and mindfulness, fostering social connections and learning something new like taking up a casual hobby! 

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