Hate reading about event recaps on blogs and think, I would have gone if I knew they were going to do that!? Well, this Saturday March 16th, City Sports is celebrating their 30th birthday with a Grand Reopening of their Chestnut Hill store. They will also be opening up and throwing another party for their biggest store yet in NYC (50 Broadway) the end this month.

IMG 3474

Why go? If you like getting free stuff, need sneakers that actually fit and feel comfortable or are a sucker for free Pinkberry like me, it will be well worth your time. City Sports carries brands like Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, Moving Comfort, Zobha, Patagonia but also Ugg, Oakley sunglasses, workout equipment, sneakers and their own private label CS by City Sports which is less than most of the brands they carry but just as cute! I’m waring one of their tops below. 

IMG 2797

It starts at 10 am and the first 100 customers will receive swag bags including a City Sports t-shirt, samples, gifts from their partners and a chance to win free shoes for a year! At 10:30 am, there will be a 5K Fun Run with Nike. Everyone runner is going to receive a free Nike tech tee so don’t forget to come prepared to sweat. If you are a football fan, former Patriot and ESPN analyst Matt Light will be stopping by to meet customers and sign autographs, a nice gift your nephew, brother or sweetheart. 

The party also includes raffle prizes like GoPro Cameras, Sports Club LA membership, City Sports shopping sprees, Ski Lift tickets and more including refreshments from Pinkberry. 

The store features a footwear department with a treadmill and running track so you can actually test out the pair of sneakers before buying them. Like the rest of CS stores, the staff will offer you a gait analysis to help you find a shoe that is right for you. They have over 300 styles in the 9,200 square foot store. This is important if you plan on training for longer distances in the near future or have had shin, knee or other pain issues in the past. 

Other features at the new Chestnut Hill location include:

  • Enhanced Electronics and Sunglass station
  • Updated Racquet Sports department with Stringing and Demo services.
  • New and Improved Team Sports and Youth departments
  • Convenient Store access from both Route 9 and the rear parking lot.
Since most of you do not live in the Boston area and to celebrate the addition of extended available sizes in the CS by City Sports line, I’m giving away an outfit today on the blog. City Sports said that customers looking for cute athletic wear to get in shape were finding it difficult to find clothing that fit. CS listened and delivered two additional sizes above traditional XL for women. One of my “Get Motivated” tips is to buy workout gear you are excited to show off. Hopefully featuring the extended sizes, CS by City Sports will inspire more women to take charge of their health and get active. 

Enter to win for yourself or give your prize to a loved one! The winner will win the pants above and top below (different colors for the extended sizes) and be able to select the size. To enter, leave a comment below sharing your favorite tip for getting motivated to work out. See mine below!

Get Motivated Tips & Tricks

1. Listen to loud, fast energizing music and dance around in your living room

2. Drink a shot of espresso. Seriously. 

3. Read a fitness magazine like Self, Women’s Health or Fitness. 

4. Make a workout schedule for the week. Sign up for classes in advance if you need to to make sure you go! Many classes penalize for late cancellations. 

5. Make it a date with buddy. Ask a friend to try a new class together. That way, you can’t back out!

City Sports Giveaway & Birthday Party!

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  • Johanna

    The best way for me to get motivated and stay motivated throughout the day to work out after work is to ALWAYS pack my gym clothes the night before. It’s one of the last things I do before I go to bed, so all I have to do when getting ready in the morning, is grab my bag and head out the door.

    Some days, when I’m really not feeling the gym, I actually will bring my gym clothes with me inside my office. Staring at my gym bag all day usually provides me with the extra kick I need to work out 🙂

  • Meghan @ After the Ivy League

    Favorite tip to get motivated is to remind myself how great I’ll feel once it’s done. It also helps to tell myself I don’t have to workout that hard if I don’t want to, I just need to go. Then usually once I’m there and moving, I’m ready to work!

  • Laura Miller

    What motivates me is instagram!! Following you Sarah, the Tone it Up girls, and all the other great fitness bloggers really inspires me to get up and out! Looking at different hashtags depending on what I need to do that day really helps as well- such as looking at #cardio on cardio days! I love seeing what others are doing 🙂

  • Katie C.

    My favorite way to get motivated to go run is to plan a new route or just to start running down streets I don’t normally run. It tricks my brain to thinking I’m doing something new and different and makes it less redundant.
    PS WISH I could make it to the Chestnut Hill opening, but I’ll most likely be doing my long run then (can’t push til Sunday, that’s parade day in Boston!! 🙂

  • Gale

    I like to set reminders in the morning and listen to fun music to get myself motivated. Also, reading fitness blogs is a great motivation as well!

  • Darbi

    I run so I make sure Im signed up for a race every few weeks. Also, when I do workout it is a must to listen to high energy music. Pandora, Dance Cardio, really does the trick!

  • Rebecca

    I motivate myself by reading fitness magazines — it helps to get outside my head and see others enjoying exercise and trying new things. I am a runner so I also motivate myself by a) signing up for a race, b) trying a new training plan, and/or c) making a new running playlist 🙂 Buying new fitness gear or trying a new class are also motivating when I feel like I’m stuck in a rut 🙂

  • BAH16

    I have a few ways to motivate myself -- I am SUPER competitive with a dear friend of mine, so throughout the day before a workout or run I text or talk with her since she does her main workout in the morning and find out what she did. I always run faster or longer than her and always lift more weights. Like I said I’m super competitive, so even if I create a schedule for myself & follow it -- sometimes that extra push comes from competing with my friend. I also will listen to music to get my pumped -- occassionally I list all the reasons I shouldn’t workout. I go through them all & tell myself why I can. When I get to the end of the list I always end up working out -- kind of weird, but it works!

  • Ali D.

    I first got motivated by participating in small group exercise classes first thing in the morning at the gym in my office. As I got to know my trainers and classmates (fellow employees), I kept going because I knew they would notice if I wasn’t present! Now my morning workouts are a habit and my day just doesn’t feel right without them. Music, variety in workouts, and seeing/feeling my progress continues to keep me motivated.

  • Raechelle

    Getting outside is motivating for me because I love the outdoors, so getting to run or bike outside is perfect. But in the winter, I motivate myself by working out in the morning and packing everything up the night before (otherwise it seems like too much effort at 5am!) Being prepared is so much less stressful. Also, working out in cute clothes never hurts 🙂

  • Hannah

    I think about the short and long term effects! Short term- I’ll feel so much better, positive endorphins and an energy boost. Long term? Summer is right around the corner and I have a teeny bikini to wear!

  • Sangita

    Make a plan. Dare yourself to stick to it. Works for exercising, eating, and studying!

    Also, my gym has a ‘gym challenge’ going on this month and if we complete various tasks, we have a chance to win prizes like a free month pass/ training sessions/ etc. This has been great and has motivated me to try some new things such as lap swimming, cycling, and shooting some hoops vs. my typical running/ weight training/ pilates workout!

  • Krystina

    I motivate myself by going to bed relatively early and making my booty get up in the morning to get a work out in nice and early, so I don’t have an excuse for it later. I also like to wear bright, colorful clothes to help wake me up. Lastly, I like to listen to fun, upbeat, loud music while working out.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve taken photos of myself at various stages (when I’ve been working out regularly and when I haven’t) and when I get lazy I remind myself of how amazing it feels to notice visible changes in my body. Visualizing the progress I’ve made so far (and the additional satisfaction I’d have if i kept my workout momentum going) really helps me get myself in gear!

  • Aki Jones

    My favourite tips to get motivated are;

    1. To have a healthier eating diet and a better health
    2. To look at pics of fitness models or whoever in magazines I’d like to become
    3. To look forward to the HOT shower and a yummy post workout smoothie 😀 LOL
    4. To feel the accomplishment after getting my workout done!!

  • Kaitlyn Aloia

    My tip for workout motivation is to read a fitness article while eating breakfast. I feel like I am able to kill two birds with one stone by concentrating on eating the right foods to maintain a healthy diet and to get me ready for a killer workout!

  • Jessica

    One of my motivational tips is to watch The Biggest Loser. Every week when I watch the show it motivates me to get up and do something active. Yesterday after watching it I went for a run and ran further than I had in a couple weeks because I knew if the people on the ranch could do it then I could too 🙂

  • Joan

    The best way to get myself motivated is DEFINITELY planning my workouts for the week beforehand. This takes some of the pressure off my busy weekly schedule. I just have to follow through…which I usually do because I’m pretty headstrong. Also, I work out at a time where I feel more energized. I’m not a morning person, so I definitely take that into account.

  • Danielle

    One of my favorite motivators is to challenge myself to something and then set a reward at the end. For example, I’ll buy a new work out top and bottom and then I’ll challenge myself to working out 5 days a week for 5 weeks. At the end of the challenge (if I’ve succeeded of course), I get to open and wear my new stuff! It can be more simple prizes (new music, spa day, $50 to spend at your favorite store) and challenges (run longer/faster, weight loss goal, push up goal) but it definitely helps me get my butt off the couch!! 🙂

  • Lisa

    I also schedule my workouts a week at a time so I can plan accordingly and work around my workouts, not the other way around (I used to just workout when I had free time in my schedule which hardly happens)! So once it is on my schedule it stays! It becomes just as important as my other appts. and obligations. Plus I know I will feel great after!

  • Lesley

    My latest fitness tips are definitely sticking to a schedule. I recently added weekly barre and yoga classes to my routine so signing up for those ahead of time MAKE me go. For my other trips to the gym during the week, I have my bag packed and go right from work.

    My other fitness motivation has definitely got to be instagram. I check the #fitspiration and #fitfluential hashtags and get so motivated by everyone on there especially the transformation photos. If I haven’t worked out yet that day, it definitely gets my butt in gear!

  • Jen

    Oh, I’m tempted to go on Saturday just so I can meet you! LOL I have shopped at the Chestnut Hill City Sports a couple of times.

    My top tip for getting motivated to workout? Reading workout and fitness blogs like Sarah Fit! My favorite fitness and running blogs always get me motivated to get there and get moving!

  • Lauren

    My favorite tip to get motivated to work out is to tell someone about it! I am always sharing with my boyfriend what my workout plans are for the following day, and he motivates me to keep going and makes me feel great. Then, if I don’t do what I said I was going to -- I feel bad about missing it and miss out on all his encouragement. Whether you tell a boyfriend/spouse, best friend, parent, or even someone on twitter or facebook -- it’s a good way to hold yourself accountable!

  • HeidiSusie

    I am motivated to work out by coming to your website and youtube channel to check out workouts, not to mention recipes and other helpful tips. You have such an upbeat personality that makes working out fun!

  • AnnMarie

    My favorite tip for getting motivated to workout is make friends at the gym you are at. They will see you every morning or whenever you go and they can keep you accountable. I love the way I feel when I workout. It gives me the energy that I need to keep me going through the day.

  • Laura S

    Just concentrating on how good I will feel after and maybe something I will do immediately after like eat a good snack or meal or lounge in my bathrobe for a little while 🙂

  • Gabrielle Yazzie

    The best way for me to get motivated just before a run is to rub cold water on my arm legs and face. I then drink an ice cup of water-
    But most of my motivation comes from signing up for a race a few weeks prior to date of- or to tell people we should join in as a team. I get hyped off of their excitement and I feel that getting them to feel they can set their mind to anything makes me feel great! That gives me a great boost of encouragement; therefore I get motivated!
    I also let myself know I have pushed myself hard before and what’s another push, to push myself harder? 🙂 My motivation comes from the heart.
    As far as body, I tend to read fitness mags and focus more on being healthy and fit no matter my body type- as long as I feel confident, sexy, and healthy 😉 with all those points, there is always a great feeling after putting in a great workout in- sweat and soreness!!! Yeah baby!!!! ;D

  • Sky @ The Blonde In Black

    My favorite way to motivate myself to work out, especially in the morning, is to remind myself that after I’m done working out I can eat breakfast :). Also, making a new running playlist with fresh jams always motivates me to get my workout in. Having friends to keep you accountable is also a great way to stay accountable and encouraged!

  • Taylor

    I not only pack my gym clothes the night before, but I stick my workout bag in the front passenger seat of my car, so I see it when I get into my car after work. I have no excuse to skip the gym then!

  • Jessie

    My biggest motivator is to write it in to my schedule! With my job, I have an agenda that goes with me everywhere for appointments and meetings. So, I jot down my workouts for the week, too. If it’s there -- it must be done!

  • Kristy @ Kristy's Health Revolution

    My favorite tip for getting motivated to work out lately is to not watch The Bachelor live, but instead save it to watch on my iphone at the gym! That was pure motivation, I tell you!

    But it changes. New workouts excite me, pretty weather for outdoor running, new workout clothes! Usually just the endorphins are enough, but I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve for when the motivation wanes.

  • heather

    My favorite way to stay motivated is to have a plan. If I’m planning on going to the gym to do weights or cardio with nothing specific in mind, I can be really lazy and not give it my all. If ahead of time I make a set plan like go to a spin class or do this (insert full body workout from a magazine, bodybuilding.com, a blog, ect.), I do much better. Getting stronger is actually a huge motivation! I love being able to lift higher weights. Also, making a friend at your gym can be a motivation. If you always go at the same time, you don’t want to miss saying hi to that other person who is always there when you are haha 😀

  • Carrie

    My favorite tip is to just put your workout clothes and shoes on, even if you are just puttering around the house. Then if you still don’t “feel” like working out, just do it, after a few minutes you will forget why you were going to skip. It also helps to lay your clothes out the night before if you workout in the morning, or have them laid out so when you get home from work they are staring you in the face, giving you the evil eye! Also, tell somebody that you are planning on working out today. The when they see you tomorrow they will ask how it was, and you don’t want to disappoint them or have to lie, so JUST DO IT!

  • Kristen

    My favorite way to stay motivated it so follow healthy influences (like you) on instagram and twitter. Since I am always on these social media sites, it’s a constant reminder to eat healthy and stay active!

  • Gina

    My favorite way to get motivated is to work out with a friend, or read a fitness magazine! Finding new and exciting workouts is always motivating and fun.

  • Maryellen

    Having a workout buddy or “event” to get in shape for is usually how I get motivated to workout. When I run I put a couple of my favorite songs at the end of the playlist on my iPod to help me get through the last mile or push to go longer.

  • Christine

    Great work-out music, getting a groupon deal to try out a new place, waking up to sunshine and a workout buddy! This quote always helps too “Workout in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re doing!”

  • Kim

    I have a couple different motivators….sign up for a long distance race to stay in running shape (because retraining your body to run long distances can be painful), if I gained weight, I’ll buy a super cute outfit in my feel great weight size, purposely not allow myself to buy any new clothes until I reach my feel great weight (especially if that means going down a dress size), or planning a post-workout treat! Last week I told myself that if I nailed my tempo run at my prescribed paces, I would reward myself by getting a little five guys burger that I was craving--I didn’t nail my tempo run--so I didn’t go to five guys for dinner--I will definitely nail my tempo run this week so I can indulge!

  • Tonya @ Will Run For Yoga

    When I need motivation, I make a “date” with a friend. If no one is available I put on my workout clothes and tell myself I only have to run a mile…once I’m out there it almost always turns into more…I just have to get out the door!

  • Sarah S

    Sign up for classes and pay upfront! That way, if I don’t go, I am just flushing money down the toilet. Also, watching Biggest Loser. I’ve never been overweight, but seeing what those people accomplish is totally motivational!

  • Emily

    My favorite way to get motivated for a workout is putting on cute workout clothes, listening to great music, and knowing I get a yummy protein shake when I get done 🙂

  • Heather Marie

    My tips would be the following:
    Pick out my work out outfit the night before
    Think about why you started, where you want to end up and how you will feel after!
    Create a great playlist 🙂
    Make plans to meet a friend at the gym so that way you can’t bail!
    If I’m feeling really unmotivated I’ll go onto pinterest and look at the health & fitness posts to remind myself why I love working out

  • Jamie Lynne Boutilier

    Pay yourself to workout…start a money jar or cash fund and place $1 (or $2, $0.25…whatever works for your budget) inside it for each mile you run/bike or each workout you complete successfully. Tell yourself that you will buy a treat you really want when your savings accumulate to the cost of it (new shoes, dress, etc.). Also remember the hardest part of working out is getting out the door, and think about how great you’ll feel afterwards.

  • Sabrina

    The best way to motivate myself to workout is to look at fitness blogs/magazines/pictures. Seeing these always motivate me to get going. The other best way is to have a friend to meet and workout with.

  • Cassie

    I get motivated by only doing things I love at the gym -- group classes, training for a race/some challenge, etc. If I want to go, nothing will stop me!

  • Abby

    I’m motivated by fitness bloggers (like you and the Tone It Up girls! Especially their instagram) and cute workout clothes! Something in a bright color that fits well is especially motivating 🙂

  • Bethley

    The best way for me to get motivated is to plan my gym schedule for the week on my iPhone calendar and to frequently check Instagram and Facebook health pages throughout the day! Seeing other people’s successes and advice definitely helps me to stay motivated! 🙂

  • Kayla

    I get motivated by…
    1- working towards a goal (like a race or a special event!)
    2- looking at old pics and reminding myself of where I’ve come (and don’t want to return!)
    3- set a schedule of when I’ll work out and how I’ll change up routine
    4- invite a buddy to join me!

  • Maggie

    Always have workout gear with you — then you can hit the trail/gym/whatever as soon as you get out of work! That, and just START! No matter how much you think you don’t want to, once you get going you’ll change your mind most of the time and get into it!

  • Maureen Nichols

    I have noticed once I sign up for an exercise class -- it motivates me to exercise more at
    home, take the stairs instead of an elevator, sit up straight… Time to get back into a class!

  • lindsay ho

    it motivates me to run home from work every day. not only do i get home quicker than if i took public transportation, but i need to decompress at the end of the work day … so i look forward to it.

  • Ploy

    My favorite ways to get motivated are
    1. Have a money jar that I share with a friend. We each put $5 in for each day we miss our workout.
    2. Plan the next athletic adventure with a friend: my next one is my first sprint triathlon!

  • Roni

    To keep me motivated, I love buying and wearing new workout wear to class. I love the Tone It Up gals as well as you Sarah and your websites. Another would be the changes I see in my body that’s what keeps me going. There are so many more, but these are my top three!

  • Johanna Thomas

    I have a schedule, which works best to keep me motivated. I write down weekly plans to workout. I also meal prep, which helps all around. ahhh this Boston gal misses city sports, but not Boston’s weather 🙂

  • Priscilla P

    I have a couple motivations!
    I work out consistently with three of my good friends. We also occasionally do fun things like bouldering, snowshoeing and snowboarding. The more the merrier!
    My boyfriend also turned me to this perspective: make workouts part of your schedule, just like a job. Schedule your “free time” around it so you won’t be inclined to skip. 🙂
    I also love shopping for workout clothes! haha

  • Katie M

    If I’m feeling particularly unmotivated, I start singing “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it” a la Jessie Spano on caffeine pills from “Saved by the Bell”. Usually, if I sing to myself long enough, I can at least convince myself that the workout will be OK and might even be exciting 🙂

  • Shea

    I am constantly motivated by this blog (duh!), Tone It Up, and Blogilates! You girls are my inspiration! The new workouts and recipes always motivate and excite me to eat right, stay active, and be the best I can be! 🙂

  • Kelly W

    Go to the gym or exercise right from work. I find if I go home before working out I lose motivation and energy. I always feel so much better when I workout so it’s worth the planning and devotion!

  • Olivia Rav

    BEST motivation tip- set an inspiring picture as your lock screen! when you see it that often, it reminds you how much you want that. also, alarms for when your workout starts with fun emojis are also great! xo

  • Christina

    My tip is following healthy living blogs like you, Carrots n Cake, and Peanut Butter Fingers as well as writing out my goals for the week on sunday. I also put on my gym clothes first thing in the morning so that i can get to it right away!

  • Stacy L

    To stay motivated, I keep dates with friends to workout. I drink coffee. I know that I’m going to feel much better to keep on moving . It’s just putting the shoes on and tying them up, that’s the hardest. JUST DO IT!!! You will thank yourself, and feel accomplished afterwards.

  • Lindsey f

    Making a workout date with a friend keeps me motivated and if there’s a prospect of ice cream after I’m even more dedicated to get it in 🙂

  • Maureen

    I tell my goals to a friend so they can help motivate me. At least once a week, I try to make a “fitness date” with a friend!

  • Katie S.

    I just keep telling myself how great I’ll feel once I’m done and thinking about that usually gets me to the gym

  • Ashley

    My best way to get motivated is by telling myself I want to feel better in a bathing suit when I go to the beach. I also want to feel sexy under my clothes and the only way I’m going to feel that way is if I get in shape and stay that way. Luckily, I stay in shape riding horses and believe it or not that is a full body workout, lol.

  • Ash Bear

    I engage friends in my workout routine whenever I know I need a burst of motivation! Whether it’s a group run or grabbing yoga with a girlfriend it always makes me more accountable!

  • Laura M

    i’ll have to stop by the event -- i’m a member at the sports club la there! (you should totally drop in, it’s SO cool!)

    one of my favorite ways to get motivated is by purchasing new and cute workout gear and/or shoes, too… but since you already used that one, i’ll mention my second best motivator — my HRM! i love seeing how many calories i’ve burned and how hard i’m working. it definitely pushes me to go a little bit further, faster, stronger!

  • Daniela

    The best way for me to get motivated it to plan ahead. If I commit to working out with a friend in the morning, there is no way I am not going to disappoint her by not showing up. Also packing your clothes the night before if you are working out in the morning always helps. This way you can get out of bed last minute and still make it on time 🙂

  • Chana M.

    The way I motivate myself is to take classes at a gym I like -- when someone tells me what to do it’s much easier for me to work out and I know it will be over after an hour!

  • Cassandra

    My favorite tip is that when you aren’t feeling motivated, do something fun that makes you sweat! It’s a lot easier to motivate yourself to do something fun, like dancing for instance! 🙂

  • Sue

    This might sound silly but about a month ago I went on a trip to California and we hit up Disneyland. There’s a picture of me walking into the front gate and it’s a shot of me from the back. My ass looks HUGE and it’s stuffed into these skinny jeans. What was I thinking? Anyways seeing this picture motivated me to finally get serious about hitting the gym and ever since we got back I’ve been going about four times a week as opposed to my previous twice a month ventures. Now when I’m either on the treadmill or lifting weights I envision that horrible picture and an imaginary future picture of me wearing wicked booty shorts with my new ass. LOL that’s my way to get motivated.

  • Caitlin

    I tell myself that I only have to do a little bit at the gym (easy bike ride and stretch) or go for a short run. Once I’m up and moving I almost always do a full workout. It feels great! The best workouts for me are always the ones I didn’t think I was going to be able to do.

  • Victoria

    I know the secret to motivating anyone to work out and it’s free. Ready for it: Audiobooks. After working a full day I find myself re energized when I start thinking about returning to where the story left off. The best part is that you can rent audiobooks from the library and it is free!

  • KimberlyH

    To get motivated I like to check in on my Tone It Up community app or read some of my fav. fitness blogs (like yours of course!) if I’m not totally feeling getting my work out in, then all of a sudden after reading/checking in I’ve found that extra boost I needed!

  • Kate

    I set a plan for the start of each week (running schedule, sign up for work-out classes). I find by committing ahead of time that I’m less likely to skip a work-out (plus I usually reward myself with something if I stick to that plan!)

  • Kari

    I never feel like I “deserve” new workout clothes or shoes unless I’m using them a lot, so I’ll set a date to buy a new top or pants or something and keep reminding myself how I can only justify buying them if I’ve been working hard.

    Also on Sundays I plan out all my meals and workouts IN PENCIL, then if I end up skipping a workout I just erase it so it doesn’t haunt me as some unchecked check box on my to-do list!

    Instagram is great for motivation, there are so many strong amazing bodies on there for fitness, not modelling

  • Becky

    Read fitness blogs! Learning about what races people are participating in and exercise classes they are enjoying is really motivating for me. It encourages me to get outside my comfort zone and try something new and set higher goals.

  • Amanda

    I go to group exercise classes pretty consistently. I go to a small gym too, so if I miss a class the other usuals always ask where I was. It’s not quite a workout buddy, but I never want to say I missed a class because I felt like watching tv instead!

  • Serena Pearson

    I read blogs, and scan Instagram #TIU for inspiration -- seeing others doing the same lifestyle is encouraging!!

  • Liz Stark

    My favorite tip for getting motivated to work out is to put on my favorite song. I instantly get in the mood to move and get on with my workout.

  • Diane

    My favorite way to get motivated is by putting it in my schedule. This includes getting my outfit ready for the next day so that when I get out of bed I do not have an excuse to hit the gym before work. I also remember how much better I feel when I am done!

  • Nicole W.

    My favorite way to get motiviated is read fitness blogs. Reading how they are active makes me want to get moving.

  • Miriam

    One of my motivation, the one that works the most, is visualisation… Wanting so bad to look as good as you do one day 😉 In great clothes it would work even better hahaha Wanting so see changes is what’s keeping me going!

  • Laura

    My way of staying motivated are two pairs of new shorts and a new summer dress I bought that are hanging in my closet. Every time I don’t feel like going to the gym I look at those clothes and remind myself how much happier I will be when I’m fit and have more energy this summer by going to the gym.

  • Cellabella

    Get a dog -- seriously! Even when I don’t want to wake up and go for a run in the morning, I have to because my dog needs to go out 🙂

  • Madeline

    I call a friend and schedule a workout date -- that way it’s on the calendar and I know I have to go because I wouldn’t want to bail out on my friend!

  • shelby keys

    Im always exhausted after work so what gets me motivated is the high I know Ill feel after! I go to cross fit (which of course is insanely tough to motivate yourself to go to when tired) but knowing i have my cross fit friends and family waiting for me…i don’t want to let them down! Being a female its important to make sure I do this for not only my heart but my bones as well!

  • Sarah K.

    I have two favorite ways to get motivated! One, like someone mentioned above, is Instagram! I follow many fitness bloggers that post so many inspirational stories. If any readers want to check out some new people, I follow muffintopless, Tone It Up, FitWithEmina, and a few more!

    The second way is to buy new workout clothes, seriously! I do not get to do this often but when I do, I really kick it into high gear!!

  • Anna S

    My favorite way to get motivated is to think about how great I will feel afterwards! Signing up for a race is great motivation too!

  • Katharine

    I hope to run my first 5K this summer and I work out so I don’t pass out fifteen minutes in the race! I also love the feeling after working out too.

  • Julia

    My workout motivation is to setup my workout schedule for the entire month at a time!

    Also I tend to attend group classes that require online sign-up, rather than working out at the gym. Even on days I don’t feel like working out, the threat of the cancellation penalty and losing the money I paid for class forces me to go, and I’m usually glad that I did!

  • Courtney

    I like to start my mornings with a glass of water with lemon juice. The burst of Vitamin C and tartness of the juice wakes me up and gets me ready to workout!

  • Maria Holt

    My favorite way to motivate myself to workout is to think of how guilty I will be feeling afterward when I do not workout. I am very receptive to how my body feels. I also need an iced Americano, my music (very loud), and cute workout attire!!

  • Suzy

    I haven’t tried this, but Julie Bowen (from Modern Family) told in an interview that she sleeps in her running clothes. I think that’s a good idea, because once you wake up and have your workout clothes on, you might aswell just do your workout.

  • Lauren M.

    To motivate myself to workout, I always bring my gym clothes with me to work. Once 5pm hits, I change into my clothes and have no choice but to go to the gym! Can’t waste a cute gym outfit, right?! 🙂

  • kate hendrickson

    Ooooh I love CitySports! I wonder if our local Baltimore location is doing something…oooh 🙂

    Motivation…wow. I think my biggest motivator has become checking Twitter! haha As a (fellow) Tone It Up team member, there’s a MULTITUDE of amazing women out there to be inspired by! I love seeing them and they definitely push me to get up and go!

  • Emily

    Setting out my outfit for the workout the night before, texting a friend to meet up at the gym, training for a goal (like running right now!) and knowledge of how great I will feel afterward!!

  • Katie G.

    My favorite way to get motivated to work out is to set a schedule ahead of time in the beginning of the week and stick to it. I also have a “Work out jar” that I put a dollar in every time I workout. I plan on saving it to use to take a trip to visit my best friend!

  • Katelin

    Loud fast paced music gets me in the mood! 🙂

    I also have a jar that I put a dollar in every time I miss a workout. That way I save and get skinny at the same time!! 🙂

  • Amelia

    I’ve learned that if you ask a friend to workout with you, they won’t let you slip up. If they want to be motivated as well, you will call each other and bicker about going to go workout for the day!

    Money helps, sadly. Actually, no shame! Who doesn’t like free money? Make a bet!

    Dance, dance, dance! If you like music, turn that music on and just dace! Music isn’t good if it doesn’t make you want to move in some way.

    Buy those super cute running shoes that are made to be run in. You don’t want them to just sit around your room, right?

    And lastly, just put on the clothes. When I’m wearing stretchy pants, I always want to do something!

  • rachel

    I tell myself if I work out, I can have ice cream. 😉 (That is, if I have enough calories in my calorie counting daily log left over to indulge!)

  • Viviana

    Definitely plan the workouts and making sure I switch it up with different classes.also focusing on an intense interval training workout that will burn calories in a shorter time!

  • Desiree

    My favorite tip to get motivated is to sign up for a race. It is one of the only ways I can stay motivated to work out during the winter in Boston. Adding a goal for the race (a pr or just to feel really good at the end!) gives me an extra boost to stick with my training plan and get out on the road!

  • Natalie

    My favorite way of getting motivated is to put on some rocking music, I am currently loving Fall Out Boy “Light Em Up”!

  • Stephanie

    My favorite ways to get motivated are to look at fitness bloggers instagrams / fitness hashtags because everyone is so inspiring!!

    Another fave way for me is to blast summery country music because it always gets me up and dancing around 🙂

  • Sam @ The Second Lunch

    I like to undercommit (ie: promise myself just two CrossFit workouts a week), and then anything more actually is exciting. I also use Gympact to commit to 5 days a week of exercise (CF counts as two, and then I use RunKeeper to track the other three -- walks or runs, depending on what I feel like.)

  • Katie

    My tip is to scroll through fitness tumblr blogs! Seriously that gets me going because it feels like everyone else is doing it!

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