There was a but of a scuffle in Boston yesterday regarding a window display on Newbury Street at Nike.  The window shows off two manequins wearing T-shirts with “Dope” and “Get High.”  Mayor Menino wants Nike to take down the display.  Nike stands by their window (as of now).

I personally noticed the window before the Mayor even said a thing and thought the shirts were laughable and misleading.  If I saw someone wearing a shirt that said “Get High” regardless of the graphics or brand, I would think they liked to smoke pot and thought the shirt was stupid.  I also know that the people I know who smoke pot, would never be caught dead wearing a shirt that said that.  It seems like something high school boy would wear for attention.  Same goes for dope.  I find the shirts immature.  Regardless of Nike’s decision to keep the window display, I just think the shirts are tacky and a knock off of an NYC street vendor wise guy.

A YouTuber did mention however that their slogan “Just Do It” has two meanings as well… I thought this was a very interesting point.  I’m not sensitive but I do think the shirts are terrible for the Nike image.

Dope, Get High Nike T-Shirts Cause Controversy

I ran down to take a video of the display so I could show all of you. As of right now, 84 people think the shirts are fine to stay as is. Only 34 think they should be taken down.  What do you think?

Controversial Nike Window Displays “Dope” “Get High” T-shirts

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  • SassyFrass20

    I think it should be taken down!!!!!!! That shouldn’t even be something that someone would have to think about.

  • Fawn

    That is terrible marketing and reflects poorly on the business. They should take it down, if they want people to continue paying top dollar for their products.

  • Ashley

    I had a nice debate about this in my government class 8)
    People are trying to say it’s a form freedom of speech =l

  • Jodi

    This irresponsible behavior that Nike has taken, is without a doubt the stupidest form of exposure I have ever seen! Yes we know the slang, “Dope” and yes we know you’re defending yourselves regarding the get high, meaning “skateboarding”, but the public is also extremely concerned about the horrific epidemic taking place with prescription pills deaths and getting high in general! This is a disturbing way to get out your message, especially for me and the thousands of parents who lost their child to pills!!! You are defeating what myself and many others are trying to do. We are trying to stop another teen / young adult from dying way too soon!! And to think my sister who lost her nephew and who’s a professional tennis player is sponsored by your company!! Shame on Nike for thinking about dollars, rather than the kids well-being!!! PS who are your biggest customers???

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