Newport Wedding Weekend

This weekend I was in Newport for a wedding.  I drove down on Saturday, missing the Bruins parade, and headed straight for the beach.  The clouds made for a lousy tan but it was fun to see everyone and relax.  After the beach we headed to Fluke restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.  This place is a must if you go to Newport.  The food was amazing, especially the bacon wrapped dates, lobster-avocado salad and scallops.  Roomie thinks the lobster avocado salad is a top 5 dish of all time. Afterward, we went to Clarke’s Cooke House.  Not only did we spy a few Patriot’s players, but we also saw Bruce Willis eating dinner.  Not too shabby for a celeb sighting outside of Hollywood.

I made a promise to you my readers that I would go running on Sunday.  Not only did I go for a run, but I went twice as long as planned.  This was no intentional.  Roomie told me to go a certain way so I could enjoy the mansions and waterfront views.  He didn’t mention is was about 6 miles.

Newport mansions

I didn’t mind the extra miles but decided I’d give myself some much needed rest on Monday.  My voice was beginning to sound like sexy phone operator.  The wedding started at 5:30 pm on Sunday out on Goat Island overlooking the harbor.  The weather was picture perfect!

The Regatta Place

We left at 6:30 AM on Monday to get back to Boston for work.  It was a blast.

I’m still learning how to post on WordPress and am on the train headed to NYC for the next couple days.  It seems like everyone these days is getting married!  I heard one guy that had 14 lined up for this summer! FOURTEEN!  I only have one more left at the end of the summer.  I wish I could post more but we are pulling up now to Penn Station!  xoxo

QUESTION: Do you love to get lost running like me?

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