Crock-Pot Salsa Chicken: 2 Ingredient Recipe!

Finally winter decided to arrive just in time for Frozen Fenway. Like the winter classic where two NHL teams play head to head in an outdoor arena, once a year the home of the Red Sox is transformed into a hockey rink. College teams, as well as local and community organizations get to use the ice time. My sister’s fiance is a hockey ref in the AHL and was asked to officiate the game between the Boston Police and Fire Departments.

It wasn’t so bad sitting in the sun. There weren’t many people there but I was happy to spend some quality time at 9 AM with my big sister. She often sits by herself at her fiance’s games, so I was happy to go. It also was an all around cool experience being inside the ball park all decorated for holidays. We went on the field afterwards and even took a few pictures in the dug out, with my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee… they Sox run on Dunkin’ afterall!

Afterwards, I took a Tabata Interval class at Equinox that officially kicked my butt and then headed over to my first day at Oficio, a home away from home kinda workplace environment. I decided to join for the month of January after getting pretty lonely working from home that past month. It’s also only a couple blocks from my apartment so that works out nicely.

While there, I put some finishing touches on my newest YouTube video featuring a family favorite recipe called Salsa Chicken. It’s the easiest and tastiest dish ever. There are two ingredients, salsa and chicken. You do need a Crock-Pot aka slow cooker. Just combine the two and cook for 8 hours on low. You can do it on high. Half way through, pull the chicken apart using two forks if you are around. If not, no worries.

Here are few ideas of how to serve it:

  • Chicken Tacos
  • Enchiladas
  • Chicken Nachos

For the nachos, I used portion controlled cheese of course. I used The Laughing Cow Mini Babybel Light in the photo above – actually only 1/2 of one and it melts so nicely. You can pull it apart, or grate it to cover more surface area. It’s easy to count the number of chips you put on a plate but I never seem to measure out calorie dense cheese. Using a Mini Babybel takes away the guessing and allows me to enjoy one of my favorite treats. I also add black olives and jalapenos to my nachos. They make it taste better.

My go-to and favorite use for salsa chicken is on top of a salad. For a dressing I mix 3 parts salsa, 1 part ranch dressing or Greek yogurt. It’s amazing.

Lastly, my sister uses the chicken to make chili. It’s awesome but I’ll have to request the recipe from her since I’m not sure of it offhand.

My brother, a Patriots football blogger, introduced me to this recipe and now I’m addicted. Gotta love the slow cooker on a busy winter day!

Do you have a slow cooker?

I’m always amazed at the number of fans slow cooker Facebook pages have! Must be a popular item I guess unlike other kitchen electronics that typically go unused after their initial usage.

Disclaimer: I am a Laughing Cow community leader. Click here to learn more.

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