Last night I went to the Red Sox game.  Although my seats were no where as good as last time, I was rather happy to be sitting underneath the overhang given the misty conditions.  I didn’t get the sushi this time but I did get some cotton candy.  I know it’s artificial and full of sugar but it’s calorie density is pretty low allowing my fingers to be occupied for a long time. 

Tara (on the left) got the peanuts which probably was the best choice nutrition wise and Lauren (middle) got the Kettle Corn which probably is the worst but was the best tasting by far.  This is a terrible picture of me I know. 

While chatting about our choices, Tara informed Lauren and myself that she has only tried 1 diet in her life that last 2 weeks called the “No Cheese” diet.  She then proceeded to tell us about this “Johannesburg cheese” her mother suggested she try as it was a healthier option.  Puzzled, Lauren and I tried to figure out what cheese she was talking about when the light off… “Jarlsburg cheese, Tara.”   

Daisuke was pitching for the Red Sox which meant the game was going to go long.  We left after two hours when the sox were down and they ended up winning in the bottom of the 9th… of course.    I promise to post a great exercise for your back side later today! I’m also filming with Cassey of POP Pilates for Video on day 4 of “rain and clouds again”. 

What is your go to snack at a baseball game?

Cotton Candy, Peanuts, Popcorn and Beer!

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