In 4th grade, my dream job was to be Katie Couric on The Today Show. Then came along The View. It started later, which would mean I’d get to sleep past 5 am, so then that became my dream job. Then in college, realistically I wanted to be a journalist, preferably on camera but I was open to writing for a magazine or newspaper. I think it’s safe to say, without having to move to LA or NYC, I’ve created a nice little makeshift dream job for myself here in Boston with what I’ve got going on YouTube. I still haven’t felt much like a journalist though until now. Having just turned 28 exactly one week ago, I’m proud to add another title to my professional job description as blog contributor to Boston Magazine.

Boston Magazine is the leading monthly mag here in Massachusetts. It’s one of my favorite and always has interesting articles that relate to my state. While I’m not writing for the print edition, I am writing for Hub Health which is a new blog section of their website. As my blog readers, you know I love taking different classes around my city and when I travel. My first post compares the benefits of leaving your gym membership behind and signing up exclusively with a small boutique studio like The Bar Method.

You can read my post here: Should You Ditch Your Gym Membership?

In regards to writing down I eat everyday… it’s going well. I keep forgetting to write dinner. I have been loving my banana soft serve as a sweet treat at night but am eating more calories during the day so it’s not really necessary. Unnecessary dessert is a habit I wanted to break with my journaling. I’ve been honest and that is what I wanted. What has been the hardest part for you if you are following along?

I’ve also been obsessed with Ezekial bread. Yesterday I had one of Jamie’s Eason’s Turkey Meatloaf Muffins with side salad. For “dessert” I had a piece of Ezekial toast with The Laughing Cow Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spread in Cinnamon Cream 1/3 less fat. I found that when I had a slice at lunch I felt more satisfied even when the calories were identical.

Today, I just had a simple open faced sandwich with turkey, avocado and honey mustard. So good.

In other big news, I just hired someone to help me with my videos! Yay! Get excited for better angles, better editing and graphics 🙂

Dream Job

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  • Hilary

    Hi Sarah! That is absolutely awesome! CONGRATS GIRL! I’ve been a follower for so long and your videos rock! I am in my own process of losing weight and am taking your “writing down challenge.” I was wondering, if you don’t mind me asking--what your current weight loss goals are/where you are currently! I want to look like you! I love your physique and I love how you have such a balanced approach!

    • Sarah

      Currently as of this am I was 136.5 which is heavy for my ideal weight. My goal is 130… And always is but when I get there I stop caring and gain it back quick!

  • Brittan

    Hey Sarah. I totally agree that writing everything you eat down (via pencil and paper or online) is a great weight loss tool. It’s what I did in college to lose the weight I lost and I still try to keep up with the habit. Right now I’m at my heaviest in 7 years and I really want to be fit for my engagement photos coming up on April 28th. I wanted to start a challenge this week but that didn’t really happen to I’m thinking I’ll start it tomorrow. I’m going to try to write everything I eat down as well and really focus on eating less (or nothing) after dinner. I have the same bad habit of eating something sweet after meals for no good reason. It’s such a hard habit to break. Hopefully knowing that you’re doing this challenge as well will help keep me motivated.

    Hope you’re doing well!!

  • Kate

    Hi Sarah, I’ve looked at 2 different grocery stores in NH for TLC Cream Cheese Wedges. Do you know if they’re only being offered in certain stores? I can’t wait to try them, they sound delicious!

  • megan

    Hey Sarah,

    I’ve been having a slice of whole wheat bread with TLC cinnamon cream cheese for a snack too! I didn’t even know about this particular Laughing Cow until your blog…it’s so good!!

    • Sarah

      The cinnamon is addicting. Roomie likes it too which is annoying because he will likely eat it all on me. He won’t touch most of my “healthy” foods.

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