Running with Friends

While I typically do my long run on Saturdays, I was planning to run a 10K on Sunday in Cohasset, MA with a few other Reach The Beach relay team members. At last-minute, I opted not to go given the amount of work I had to do. Driving 45 minutes to pay $25 to run a 10K for charity is in fact my idea of a good time, but with work overload I knew I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself.

Instead I went for a long run with my friend Jessica who is running the Boston Marathon in two weeks!

I never run with friends. Most of my runner friends run a faster pace than I do or go before work (when usually I’m still sleeping). We went for 9 miles, a very long distance I don’t usually attempt. The first 35 minutes had me nervous but then we got into a groove and it was easiest hour of running I’ve ever had I think. We chatted the entire time and before I knew it, we were back at my apartment. The cherry on top was that we averaged a 9 minute mile, an entire minute faster than my typical long runs. I may need to find myself some new running buddies. I will give Jess credit for talking most of the time. She just got back from Kenya and had amazing stories to share. For a post-run snack, we went to Pinkberry on Newbury Street. I got a small original with mango, blueberries and low-fat granola. It was amazing and exactly what I wanted. Jess wanted to buy some new shorts at Lululemon for the marathon so we stopped by the brand new store on Newbury. While I wasn’t looking to buy anything, I did enjoy trying on a jean tuxedo. While I’m French Canadian (just like Megan Draper minus french speaking parents), I did get a laugh when a friend on twitter suggested she wasn’t all that surprised since Lulu is a based in Vancouver. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, just Google, “Canadian Tuxedo.” It was on sale.

Afterward, I enjoyed an almond milk latte from my favorite coffee shop in Back Bay, The Wired Puppy. They serve only organic coffee and tea, as well almond milk! They also happen to make the most delicious mini muffins that I get on occasion. The morning-glory is my favorite.

While I know running groups are popular, I’ve always been afraid to join because I thought I would not be able to keep up running and talking. I also hate running at a speed I’m not comfortable with. I didn’t realize that finding a buddy with a similar pace made long runs social and actually fun. My problem is that I like to run when I get up and I don’t use an alarm clock. My internal clock wakes me up between 7 and 8 am (this is a perk when you work for yourself, my favorite as well). Do you have a running buddy or running group? Is it more motivating or do find it is just easier to do it alone?

Last tip for you that I borrow from Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser: Even if you are not training for any special race, it’s a good idea to double up the amount of time you workout one day a week to burn off any extra calories that squeezed into your diet during the week. It’s also empowering when you finish.

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