Roomie’s 30th Birthday & New Product Haul

Hey guys! Today, my roomie, aka the boyfriend, officially turns 30 years old! If you have missed it in the past, I refer to him as roomie because he is a super private person when it comes to online stuff and borderline hates social media. He supports what I do, but chooses not to have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, etc. As a result, I have only put up one picture of him on the blog despite having dated for almost 6 years! I turn 30 myself in March but I think Olivia Wilde’s advice for turning the big 3-0 sums up my thoughts about the inevitable milestone. It’s a must read if you haven’t seen it already.

This week, I’ve been embracing change myself. Perhaps as I get older my preferences for food will change like my style. I ordered a funky new pair of Forehand sunglasses from Oakley. I’m usually a tortoise or black eye-wear kind of gal but these are fun and remind me 29 is still young!

IMG 4644

It seems like my taste buds have been changing lately, too. I rarely eat pasta for dinner because I think it tastes really boring and would rather have something more nutritious, but after a drunk outing at Fenway Sunday night for the Legends of Summer Tour, I craved it! I bought homemade pasta from Foodie’s in the South End and added roasted eggplant, pasta sauce and pecorino romano. I think I finally realized that I love fresh pasta, I just can’t stand the boxed stuff.

IMG 4642

Continuing with the salty cravings this week, I wanted a cheesy egg breakfast on Tuesday. I love mixing eggs with salsa for a quick omelet solution. Chopping veggies first thing in the morning is painful in my opinion. I used the new Laughing Cow Light White Cheddar wedge in the middle. It ended up being a scramble which I think ended up tasting better.

IMG 4646As luck would have it, salt is also a popular new ingredient in the new KIND bar flavors. I was sent two new flavors to try out and let’s just say they just might be my favorite flavors the brand has debuted yet. The Dark Chocolate Chili Almond has 7 g of fiber and 6 g of protein with just 5 g of sugar. The Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt (which hints at the sea salt and caramel trend) has 6 g of protein and 5 g of fiber, again with 5 g of sugar. Both are between 210 and 200 calories.

IMG 4640

I think the big reason why I’m craving the salt and carbs is due to my increase in cardio as I’m training for a half marathon this fall and perhaps am not drinking enough water to compensate. I ended my Bar Method membership because I’m gong to be teaching at a new studio in Boston this fall! As a result, I’ve upped my running and spin classes at Recycle Studio while I wait to get back into strength at my new home. I’ve hinted at the studio on my Facebook and Twitter so if you don’t follow me there and you live in Boston, go check it out!

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