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Have you heard of Fab Fit Fun? It is a women’s lifestyle newsletter that was created by Giuliana Rancic. They send out newsletters just about every day, and yesterday I was featured as one of their favorite YouTube trainers!

I was so excited to be included along with my buddies Cassey and Bex.

Recipe: Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore

This week, I made a new I put together a keeper of a recipe. Roomie already requested it again. I showed you in a YouTube video how I loved making Crock Pot Salsa Chicken and a few readers suggested making it with pasta sauce. I took them up on their suggestion and made a batch using Trader Joe’s Organic Mushroom Pasta Sauce. I only added 1/2 the jar.

After the chicken was done cooking, I sautéed onions in a frying pan on low for 10 minutes until they were limp. Then I added frozen, sliced tri-color bell peppers. Once those were cooked all the way through, I added in a tablespoon of capers, a cup of cooked chicken and extra pasta sauce. I served my chicken on a bed of Shirataki Noodles and roomie’s on a plate of pasta.

It was sweet, salty and delicious! I already made another batch and bought an eggplant this weekend so I can serve it on eggplant noodles later this week. What do I have against pasta? When following the Tone It Up diet plan, there are no carbs after 3 pm! Of course when I go to an Italian restaurant I don’t follow the rules but at home, I do try.

It’s kind of like Chicken Cacciatore and I highly recommend trying it if you love your crock pot like I do. I suppose you could add the veggies to the crock pot 1/2 way through the cooking but I like how the onions sort of caramelized in the pan.

Exclusive Giveaway For TIU Members!!!! I get asked what Heart Rate Monitor I wear at least once a day. I wear the FT60 which retails for $125. I wear a chest strap and am able to track my heart rate during my workouts. Throughout the workout, I’m able to see how many calories I’ve burned. This feature is particularly intriguing to many of you.

Polar noticed and asked if I wanted to give one away. I’m using my HRM to track my fitness while getting in shape for my spring break vacation in conjunction with the Tone It Up diet plan so I decided to make this giveaway for TIU members. They are a supportive community for my YouTube channel and I wanted to show them how much I appreciate their love and support. If you are already a member, leave a comment below to enter. If you are not a member but order the Tone It Up diet plan through my site by Monday February 6th at 8 pm EST, you will be entered to win. Your comment can be about anything but if you are looking for prompt, let me know what your favorite part of the TIU plan is, maybe a the diet plan, workouts of community.

This giveaway is exclusively for TIU members.

I apologize in advance to my readers who are not members. I have some other fun and exciting things to give out later in the week that will be open to everyone.

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