Fat Burning HIIT Workout at Home YouTube Video

Ok, so I uploaded my 7th family vlog on Sunday, I’m doing 8 total and then the vlogs will be on my new Family channel so if you like watching Tommy & Mommy escapades, you’ll want to subscribe to the new channel here. 

On to today’s video, a brand spanking new workout! It’s a HIIT workout. It’s a total body workout. You can do it at home, the gym or outdoors. It’s interval based. Every minute you get 2 new exercises and are encouraged to do 4 rounds total. The video only shows the first 2 rounds because YouTube doesn’t let me upload 20 minute videos, and I’m lazy. No, I’m not lazy but I worked out before shooting this and we shot 2 workout videos so you only get 2 rounds. Sorry.

Here is how the workout goes if you don’t want to watch and would prefer to do this on your own at the gym.

Start your timer. The first minute you alternate between move 1 and move 2, start with 1 rep each, then move on to 2 reps each, then 3 reps, it looks like this for the first superset:

  • Jump squat 1 rep, bodyweight squat 1 rep
  • Jump squat 2 reps, bodyweight squat 2 reps
  • Jump squat 3 reps, bodyweight squat 4 reps

You try to get as high as you can in 60 seconds.

Here are your 4 supersets:

  • Jump squat, bodyweight squat
  • Push up, mountain climber
  • Tricep dip, break dancer
  • Burpee, frogger

Most of you reading this probably know what all of these moves are except the break dancer and frogger.

Break dancer: Do this on the ground or find a chair or bench. Place palms on hand on bench with fingers facing towards your bum. Engage your core and lift your left hand up from behind you at the same time as you lift your right foot off the ground. Your left hand reaches for your right foot, core still engaged. Tap your toe and then return to starting position. Repeat on opposite side.

Frogger: Start in high plank position. Keep butt low, jump feet to the outsides of your hands. As fast as they touch down, jump your feet back out into starting position. Try to keep butt as low as possible during the jumping part of this move and keep your core engaged.

Ready to sweat? Join me by doing this workout tonight or tomorrow morning. You won’t regret it!

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