Jogging Stroller Workout + Boston Fitness Event Announcement

In New England, it has been unseasonably warm. If you are a local reader, you know what I’m talking about. While I’m loving it, it is not normal and kinda scares me. I will however take full advantage of it.

That used to mean going for long runs but now it means going to the park with my little guy…

Tommy Park

…and taking long runs outdoors in the jogging stroller of course. Last week, I mentioned how I was not the biggest fan but this weekend I didn’t mind it as much. I did an interval workout and found it to be much more fun and challenging.

Chicco Try Jogging Stroller

Jogging Stroller 2:1 Workout

I walked first to the esplanade because jogging and stopping at every intersection with the stroller sucks. Once I was there, I did 2 minutes of running “fast” which for me was a 7:30/8 minute mile and then walked for 1 minute. I was able to get my heart rate up to 170 during the hard part which is my minimum goal with intervals and did 10 rounds for 30 minutes. Afterwards, Tommy got to get out of the stroller and play in one of the parks along the Charles river.

Tommy along Charles River Playground

I think what really helped was having fresh air in the stroller tires. I stopped into the bike store at the corner of Mass Ave and Comm Ave and was able to do this for free. The weather didn’t hurt either of course.

I have the Chicco Tre Jogging Stroller. It was gifted to me during my pregnancy, so I don’t have the ability to compare it to other jogging strollers but I like it. I’ve heard most are heavy and that tends to be the biggest complaint.

In the winter, I do bring Tommy to parks bundled up but I’ve missed the other kids. Tommy loves other children but what I realized this week was that he missed the dogs. It’s so funny to me how much he loves dogs. He can’t leave them alone at the park where luckily we only find baby friendly pups.

tommy and dog


After doing a variety of meal delivery services this winter, I’m trying to step up my own game. Scallops are probably my favorite protein. I would never be able to go vegan because I love them too much and I just don’t see any ethical reasons not to eat them. I’ve always struggled to cook them however.


This week, I finally feel like I was successful. Guess what it took? A little butter, salt and pepper. That’s it and I think I should credit Blue Apron for teaching me. If you’ve ever used Blue Apron you know what I’m talking about. They literally tell you to add salt and pepper after every step.

ScallopsI cooked them like a burger, 3-4 minutes on one side, flip, 3-4 minutes on the other. I paired it with a quinoa duo frozen “meal” from Trader Joe’s and added in some kale for extra greens. It took less than 20 minutes to make, was filling and delicious.

Last night, we had quesadillas for dinner. I’ve been making them for Tommy and we both were in the mood after eating his scraps. It was so easy. It made me realize that dinner doesn’t have to be complicated. I had a side of broccoli that Tommy didn’t finish.

Which brings me to realize that I’ve become the mum that finishes her child’s food.

At least I only make Tommy food that I too enjoy eating.


I’m partnering with Boston Magazine March 9th for a workout event at Xtend Barre! This class will start at 7:30 pm and is perfect as a healthy alternative to thirsty thursday with the girls. Grab a friend and sign up. Class is just $10 which is way cheaper than any other studio drop in. Afterwards, there will be food and drinks from sweetgreen, Mother Juice and Polar. You can sign up here.  



Two things:

One, I posted on my Instagram stories today about Tommy not sleeping past 5:30 AM despite going to bed without a fuss right at 7pm. I am not a morning person and this is killing me. Anyone have any tips on how to get him back to sleeping through to 7? Yes, I’m still nursing. I go in, nurse him and then leave the room. This buys me only 30 minutes though.

And two, I’m finally realizing I need to hire help with Tommy. If you are a local babysitter looking for hours in the afternoons M-F (hi college students!), let me know. I’m going to use to find help but figured I would ask on here, too!

Jogging Stroller Workout + Boston Fitness Event Announcement

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  • Megan

    I have heard that putting a kiddo to bed earlier sometimes helps them sleep later. Maybe try a 6:45 bedtime and see if he sleeps later? Does he wake up at 5:30 crying or just talking to himself? My babe also wakes early (she’s 7 months) and I leave her in her crib until 6 am if she wakes up earlier. Sometimes she’s crying, so I’ll go put her pacifier back in and walk out. It’s been a slow process, but she now sleeps until 6 most mornings. Now, the nighttime sleeping…that’s a whole different story. Kid loves to party at 1 am.

  • Marieve

    Is tommy napping properly? If not he might be in a sleep deficit hence the early wake ups. Does he still naps in am? Or at least a solid 2 hours in pm? Our 11 months old has been an early riser (0500) since he’s 6 months old, killing us as well since I got pregnant again when he was 7 months old. Now he’s napping properly and wakes up after 0600. Good luck!

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