This week, I am away on vacation in Buenos Aires, Argentina! I left Boston on Friday and spent the night in Miami before boarding a 9 hour flight to BA. In true fitness nerd-blogger status, I stretched and did a few planks while waiting to board the plane. Once we took off, it was a food and movie marathon the entire flight there. I felt like a princess and watched The Descendants (had me crying), Drive (why did I watch this!?), The Muppets (loved it, lol) and What’s Your Number (my favorite of the bunch). I saved the more intellectual films for the ride back.

The food on board was awesome. We were served warm nuts, a smoked salmon and shrimp appetizer, then a salad with artichokes and chicken, and then our main meal! I was stuffed by the time my baked cod arrived… but ate it anyway because I knew there would not be much else. I defaulted on my dessert though and waited a couple of hours. I tried the fruit salad with lemon sorbet which had melted but was still awesome. Later in the flight, they also brought by a “snack” that was serano ham and cheese with a tomato salad and olives. I think I had maybe 7 glasses of wine… at least, but over the span of 9 hours πŸ™‚

I broke every rule to flying there is. Alcohol? Check. Caffeine? Check. Lots of sodium? Yep. When we arrived, we were not too tired so we had another drink at the hotel lounge bar. I took pictures with my iPhone but cannot get them on to my computer now… sorry.

I woke up at 9 AM on Sunday, went to the hotel gym for a quick workout consisting of 20 minutes on the elliptical, a 4-minute tabata and 5 minutes of abs. Breakfast was a yummy yogurt parfait with fresh fruit, unsweetened yogurt and some fiber-one cereal for crunch. I had a few scrambled eggs as well. I’m holding out on the pastries because I had enough booze yesterday me thinks.

I have amazing discipline when it comes to finding time for exercise. In regards to food and drink, I like to enjoy myself. Perhaps that is why I’m perpetually asked on YouTube, “Why am I still chunky?”

I’m enjoying myself on vacation and will be back randomly throughout the week. If you could care less about what I’m doing, sorry. I’ll be back next week with regular content!


Fit and Thirsty on Vacation

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  • Ashley

    I definitely care about what you’re doing on vaca, and I actually really enjoyed this post! I hope you’re having a blast in Buenos Aires and enjoying the great weather. And please, indulge in as many amazing steaks as you can, I’ve heard they’re the best in the world!

  • Nicole

    Have fun on your vacay! From what I’ve read, I can tell that you work hard on eating healthy the vast majority of the time -- I think you deserve to relax a bit, enjoy yourself, and eat whatever you want in moderation while you’re away! I leave for vacay tomorrow and plan to do the same!

  • Ashley

    Hey Sarah! Can you recommend some moves that will target lower abs & back (I want that line on my back clear to my butt!) please? I do about 45 minutes of cardio coupled with 25-30 minutes of strength training 6x/week, but I usually neglect my lower midsection and I’m ready to give it hell πŸ™‚

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