Best Sports Bra for Large Chest

I have probably 15 sports bras. Some I wear all the time, others rarely see the light of day. As you know (if you have seen a video), I am not flat chested and cannot wear many of the inexpensive sports bras for high impact activities like running. People have asked me in the past what my favorite brands/styles were but I never got around to posting because I had yet to find a brand that I thought was worth recommending for truly large chests.

While I have been wearing Champion sports bras since I started needing them. Since then, I’ve found that doubling up with a built-in bra tank top and sizing down can help if you buy a bra and cannot return it.

My top recommendations are Champion and Moving Comfort. I have the Moving Comfort Fiona bra and it is awesome. I wear a size 32D and am a Victoria Secret 34D to give you an idea of what your size might be (not to broadcast my twins info to ya’ll).

My viewers on YouTube also had some great suggestions. The most popular among them was a brand I had never heard of called Enell. Many raved about their high impact effectiveness for DD+ sized chests.

Another user suggested the “Under Armour: Women’s Endure Sports Bra (DD Cup) Style # 1220231” although I cannot vouch for it. Check out the video comments to see some other suggestions. This might be my favorite part of social media. I can upload a video but then the information is so much more valuable with the comments section.

What is your favorite high impact sports bra?

I was not compensated to write this post. All thoughts are my own. I was provided with a few Champion bras last summer for a campaign but I honestly have been wearing them forever. Also, I was provided with a complementary Moving Comfort bra back in September but would not be mentioning it 6 months later if I didn’t really love it. This is why I wait to post about my favorite products.

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