I have probably 15 sports bras. Some I wear all the time, others rarely see the light of day. As you know (if you have seen a video), I am not flat chested and cannot wear many of the inexpensive sports bras for high impact activities like running. People have asked me in the past what my favorite brands/styles were but I never got around to posting because I had yet to find a brand that I thought was worth recommending for truly large chests.

While I have been wearing Champion sports bras since I started needing them. Since then, I’ve found that doubling up with a built-in bra tank top and sizing down can help if you buy a bra and cannot return it.

My top recommendations are Champion and Moving Comfort. I have the Moving Comfort Fiona bra and it is awesome. I wear a size 32D and am a Victoria Secret 34D to give you an idea of what your size might be (not to broadcast my twins info to ya’ll).

My viewers on YouTube also had some great suggestions. The most popular among them was a brand I had never heard of called Enell. Many raved about their high impact effectiveness for DD+ sized chests.

Another user suggested the “Under Armour: Women’s Endure Sports Bra (DD Cup) Style # 1220231” although I cannot vouch for it. Check out the video comments to see some other suggestions. This might be my favorite part of social media. I can upload a video but then the information is so much more valuable with the comments section.

What is your favorite high impact sports bra?

I was not compensated to write this post. All thoughts are my own. I was provided with a few Champion bras last summer for a campaign but I honestly have been wearing them forever. Also, I was provided with a complementary Moving Comfort bra back in September but would not be mentioning it 6 months later if I didn’t really love it. This is why I wait to post about my favorite products.

Best Sports Bra for Large Chest

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  • Olivia

    I HATE all sports bras, but I generally don’t do high impact workouts, and often just wear my regular bra under my workout tops (yeah, it has underwire, but honestly I still find them comfy and flattering, and hate the way sports bras smush everything!) which I find perfectly fine for weights and moderate cardio.

  • Kristy Doyle

    Surprisingly, my most supportive sports bra came from Aerie, and it was pretty cheap! It’s got underwire, adjustable straps and a clasp on the back, a lot like your Moving Comfort bra.

  • Stephanie

    The Moving Comfort Fiona is my favorite for running. For cardio classes, I ususally double up two C9 sports bras from Target. I’ve never heard of Enell.

  • Pam

    I have unfortunately given up on finding a good sports bra for running/sprinting and have accepted doubling up on two Nike sport bras. I will definitely look into these suggestions and hope one works.

  • Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons

    AHHHHH THANK YOU!!!! I’m busty and do a LOT of high impact cardio and my bras are not performing! The one I wore today was so bad that I may or may not have fallen out of it.

    umm i totally did! Def checking out this bra thanks girl!

  • Nicole

    Thanks for posting this! I own a fantastic champion sports bra, but it is starting to get worn out. I need to buy more, as I am exercising regularly and it’s really the only supportive sports bra I own. I will definitely look into Enell and Modern Comfort. Are there stores that sell these brands or just online? I like to try them before I buy them! Also, do you have any price information?

    Thanks so much!!

  • Michelle

    Actually, I find the Ta-Ta Tamer II from Lululemon to work quite well. I’ve used it for jogging, yoga, and boxing and so far its been great! Padded wide shoulder straps also, so it doesn’t dig into your shoulders.

  • katie

    i wear the same size bra as u also but also have rlly liked nike bras…they have great support for gh impact activities and they r also rlly good quality!

  • Charl

    I am a DD and I use an underwire sports bra from Champion, then another racerback on top of it and that works great for high impact cardio. One note about Champion, they are not forgiving on the size, you need your correct cup size if they are the least bit too large, it will rub your underarm/chest area raw. I don’t care for UA bras. Nike is good for wearing over another bra but not on their own for cardio.

  • vanessa

    I wear the same size as you, and a friend who wears a 32 DD also wears this bra from (you have to trust me) Victoria’s Secret. It’s their VSX Incredible Sports Bra.


    I have recommended this to so many large-chested friends, I should get a cut from VS! I couldn’t believe it when my friend told me where she got it, because not only does it offer great support from these special comfy underwires, which you don’t even notice, but they are FLATTERING. As in, they make my chest look so nice I’ve worn them out under my regular clothes. I guess that’s VS’s specialty. The cups separate your boobs so you have no fat uni-boob effect, and the underwire also kind of contains them from the side (for lack of a better word), so you look perky-er. More than anything, they give me the support when I run that no other sports bra has before, except for a Moving Comfort bra I got at a running store 4 years ago that also had underwire, but I can’t seem to find any more.

    The only thing which may be a problem for some people is that it only comes in XS-S-M-L. It can be hit or miss to find them in the stores, but when I do, I buy it in every color. Get this bra and thank me later! Life-changer.

    • Jillian

      Thank you so much! I’ve tried all these sport brand bras and they never work, I came across the VSX Incredible sports bra and I wondered, could this actually work? People have been saying it does, however all these people have small boobs… I have 32 DD sometimes 32 DDD, I’m going to trust your word and buy one! What’s the worst that can happen right? I’m already wearing 6 sports bras at one time while exercising so it can’t get much worse ha.

    • foo

      ‘Perky-er’ is cute if you want to come across as a pointless bimbo but not a real word. ‘Perkier’, is, however a real word. It’s in the dictionary and all.

  • Jame

    I am a 34H (UK sizes) and my go to sports bras are Freya and Shcok Absorber. You can buy these at Herrrom.com, figleaves.com and Very.com. I think they each start at D, and either 28 or 30 band sizes.

    I do not need to wear two bras! No bounce in my proper fitting ones, and the older bras I have that are a little big in the band also have minimal bounce.

    These are my recommendations if you are above DD, it is much harder to find something supportive in those sizes.

  • Ruth

    I was 36DDD when I bought a Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer -- and it was the only sports bra I’ve been able to run and jog comfortably in. Works well, wicks and is comfy. My Ta Ta Tamer is too small now because I’ve lost weight, so I’m going to compare a new Ta Ta Tamer with a Freya sports bra (one of my favorite brands -- never thought to look for a sports version). Thanks for the tips!

  • Jefa

    I’m an Australian 14DD (I think that’s a US 36DD but don’t quote me on it). I’m a runner and gym goer and been through plenty of sports bras (a series of Berleis, Lululemon TaTa tamer, and some generic store brands) and just recently purchased the Triumph Triaction Extreme moulded bra. It is the best bra I’ve ever had and was so impressed I went and bought another one as a spare. $60 is on the expensive side for Australian sports bras but you may be able to get it cheaper in the US (as one can so many things). As of this very second it’s actually on special here: http://au.triumph.com/by-function/triaction-extreme-moulded-bra/w1/i1038021_1019455/ (And I am cursing that I bought both mine at full price.)

  • Lisa

    My favorite bra hands down is the Champion Zip Tech Sports Bra
    Style: CH1699 -- it is a front zip very similar to the I am a 34dd and wear a Medium in the Champion bra. It is snug, but does a great job. I do LOTS of high impact exercising, running and INSANITY and the Champion does a GREAT job and is comfortable. Sometimes I put it on and it is comfortable enough (after its broken in) to wear it all day. I will warn you though, when you first get it the zipper is difficult to get used to. You will think something is wrong with it, it is frustrating, but stick with it, you will adapt to using it and the zipper will break in and become easier to use. I have had good luck purchasing them on eBay for less than the $46 Champion price. Tip: do not dry in the dryer, just hang to dry. The heat of the dryer will shorten its life and damage the synthetic fibers. It’s practically dry after the spin cycle, so it air dries very quickly.

    • Lisa

      I meant to say “it is a front zip very similar to the Enell”.

      Also has anyone else had experience with the VSX Incredible bra. I see the comments in this thread, but they do not appear to be credible to me, they look like planted reviews from Victorias Secret employees. I love how Victoria’s Secrete and the Limited accept reviews on most of their items, but not the VSX line . . .

  • Connie K

    My fave sports bra is Lily of France. I had only one and basically wore it out. I’m a 34D. I then tried the Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer bra and was disappointed in it’s lack of support, etc. I quickly sold it and went back to the Lily of France bra. I got two this time as they fit and support me beautifully. I do a lot of jogging and they are awesome. Made like a traditional bra with straps over the shoulders and hooks and eyes. No having to pull it over your head which I hate. I have tried a few other sports bra brands and Lily of France is far more superior!

  • Cassie Hargett

    I could suggest Bounce-B-Gone bras for those women who are well endowed. I’ve been using them and they’re fine. I might wanna try the Champion ones though. It’s interesting that you have 15 of them.

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