Fit For Holidays Ab Workout with Danskin Now

I’ve been working hard on my core and I finally feel like I’m seeing results after months of training. I love the holidays and all the goodies they bring so I must admit, I’m nervous they are going to seriously diminish any progress I’ve made.

Fit For Holidays Abs

Having a strong core has been important to me for many reasons. One of them is preventing back pain. Having a large child to carry puts a lot of stress on my lower back and a strong core reduces my chances of injury and prolonged pain. Also, I’m not sure when I may get pregnant again but I want my core to be as strong as possible before going through it all again. I also have this fitness blog, so looking “fit” is part of the job.

Find out how I lost the baby weight here.

Being fit for everything is my job essentially. However, being fit during the holidays is a challenge. Today’s workout is a Fit For Holidays ab workout challenge. Try doing this workout once a week until the new year!


My outfit is from Danskin Now and my leggings were just $13.86. You can get your own pair or buy them for someone else as a gift for the holidays.

Fit For Holidays Ab Workout with Danskin Now

This workout is suitable for postpartum moms, but see the modifications below. Do the warm up once and the circuit 3 times through. Rest 1 minute in between sets.

Warm Up

  • Heel Taps – 30 reps (15 each side)
  • Plank – 60 seconds


  • Side Plank Leg Lifts – 30 reps (15 each side)
  • Froggers – 20 reps
  • Scissors – 30 reps (15 each leg)
  • Plank Leg Lift with Crunch – 30 reps (15 each leg)
  • Knee to Elbow Crunch with Inner Thigh Burn – 20 reps

Here are the moves –

Start with these two moves to warm up your core.

  1. Heel Taps: This move is great for postpartum moms. Start with knees bent, directly over your hips. Take a deep breath in as you drop your right heel down towards the ground keeping your left one in place. Exhale as you bring your right leg to meet the left and repeat on the opposite side. Do 30 reps total, 15 on each side.
  2. Plank: Hold a regular forearm plank for 1 minute to warm up. If you are a postpartum mom like me, always drop down to your knees when your lower back starts to sag.

Now, the fun part… aka the hard stuff.

3. Side Plank Leg Lifts – Do 15 reps on the left leg, then 15 reps on the right leg. You can do this on your forearm or hand. You can also drop down on to your bottom knee.


4. Froggers: Do 20 reps of this move. Start in high plank position. Jump feet to land next to your hands. Depending on level, pause before jumping feet back into a plank. If advanced, jump feet back out as soon as they touch the ground.


5. Scissors: Do 30 reps here, 15 on each leg. Keep legs straight here and alternate brining opposite elbow to knee. Switch legs in mid air.


6. Plank Leg Lift with Crunch: Do 15 reps on your left leg, then switch to your right and do 15 more reps for a total of 30. Start in high plank, extend leg behind you lifting up off of the ground, engaging the glute. Then round back into a cat position as you bring your knee to touch your nose. Return to start.


7. Knee to Elbow Crunch: Do 20 total reps. If you are a new mom, omit this exercise and do heel taps instead. Touch your heels together with knees spread apart. Hands are gently behind ears. Exhale as you curl shoulder blades off the ground reaching for your knees as you bring them up just over your hips. Return to start.


Would you believe me if I told you this entire outfit costs less than $20? I’ve been working with Danskin Now for 3 months and this has to be my favorite outfit yet. These leggings are super comfortable, flattering with a high waist and totally on trend. I’m shocked to admit my favorite pair of leggings this season were less than $14…

Danskin Now Leggings

Some brands charge more because they can, others charge less because they think you deserve to look good for less money. Danskin Now is available exclusively at Walmart. You can buy your own pair here.

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My top is just a basic black tank made with fabric that wicks sweat away from your body helping you feel cool and dry during your workout, which is essential if you sweat a lot in a spin class like me! I hate feeling wet at the end of class and then going out into the cold. The worst! It was less than $6 as well from Danskin Now.

This post is sponsored by Danskin Now. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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